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looking to make a Satyr/Deer female character anyone know such mods that helps with that sorta modding ?

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only few concerns are

-thinking someone has made it an actual race i feel like there will only be a costume/jewlery type of equipment, but i really would push for the idea of an actual race

-worried with satyr/deer character that armor being equip is impossible or will be modded to not show but id nerdgasim if someone made a badass satyr/deer character wearing armor of skyrim

-ether peope pass on the idea or moved on since i feel like modders from Special edition skyrim and FO4 is being more focused and moders ether dropping projects or moving on from  skyrim


heres some images to know what im talking about 






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okay im upset nether told or let me know i need all the damn dlcs........which i have none 


if you plan to mod the game you should have all dlcs... you will lose A LOT of content 

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