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Crash to leaving a place or use the fast travel.

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Hi, I do not know what happens with the game, because when I leave a place or something, the fast trip crashes to the desktop ...
I activated the .Log of the game, and this see to me before crash....

[ (C10022FE)].Sound.PlayAndWait() - "<native>" Line ?
[item 1 in container  (000654F7)].J3XVaderBreathScript.OnEquipped() - "J3XVaderBreathScript.psc" Line 12
[08/20/2017 - 10:26:32PM] Error: Object reference has no 3D
[ (C10022FE)].Sound.PlayAndWait() - "<native>" Line ?
[item 1 in container  (00038045)].J3XVaderBreathScript.OnEquipped() - "J3XVaderBreathScript.psc" Line 12
[08/20/2017 - 10:26:32PM] Error: Unable to bind script GSSController to Item 2 in container  (FF002213) because their base types do not match
I don't know what to do for fix the problem... please help me...

Thanks for your time
[sorry, Bad english]


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Logs don't always explain crashes but that is quite a large file for a papyrus log, can you post a load order?


Also what modding tools do you use? Are you installing mods with a mod manager and sorting them with LOOT?

What i can tell from the get go, is that you've got some really wonky things going on.

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