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Does Game of Thrones makes you wana play Skyrim ?

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I only recently read that the producers of GOT wanted to throw money at Bethesda to make Skyrim a GOT game but they decided to stick with TES universe. There are still similarities though like the recent episode where

they keep the skeleton of a dragon in a vault under the keep.

I did start a GOT style playthrough using Frostfall, Capes of Skyrim and Winter is Coming, along with Defeat, for a brutal type world.



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Having just about 3000 hours into Skyrim (NERD) I usually play intensely for a while modding/testing out new things then I give the game a break for about 2-4 months. Once my interest renews I do it all over again.


Speaking of Game of Thrones, I should really start watching it.

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