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Guest Fnights

[Request] Icarus online original idol class

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Guest Fnights

Hello, today i installed the game to give it a shoot for the first time since they will release soon the last trickster class (idol in KR) so the game will be in par with the korean version, but i noticed that they change some things as you can see in the image attached to this topic.

They remove the teddy bear in the character selection menù, they add a purple texture to cover the legs and lastly they remove the bikini preset in the character creation tab. Since i can't test the class now becuae will be avaiable the 7 of july i don't know if they further change more armour sets.


I'm wondering if is possible to replace the art assets of the Na version with the korean ones to restore the original character as was intended in the korean iteration (see game directory cryengine structure attached).


Is not a big deal, like it wasn't for the Elin in Tera, but is annoy and piss me off that i don't have any choice and someone else decide what i can see or not in a mere videogame.


Thanks to all the modders, any help will be appreciated.



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There is no request for nudity.

Just to replace the texture of the North America version with the original Korean version.


The request can stay.


(Just moved to the correct section.)

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Guest Fnights

Yea, just request a patch to restore the original model, absolutely no nude or hacks.


I've found a workaround around the web, downloading this file from the KR client and overwrite the one in the us client work but the 3d model isn't properly displayed in the main selection menù.

Not a big deal but i ask if a competent modder can fix the issue and create properly files to swap.
I attached a better screenshoot of the issue with differences between us and kr versions.


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