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Jagdpanzer 38t

Revelation Online nude mod?

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First of all, sorry if this is the wrong subforum, I'm a bit confused here...
Secondly havent' seen a topic for this game here (or just haven't tried hard enough, lol)
Anyways this is one of those games with good looking chars in them imo. It's a criminal thing not to have any pervy mods for it. This game has quite a few fanservicy animations whitch would really benefit from nopan aka panty removal mod ;)
Some screenshots and comments so maybe more pervy minded people try this

Some screenshots feature my old char, some feature a new one, great feature is that one can edit his char 3-4 days after creation for free if one is unsatisfied, whitch I ofc did not know at the time so I deleted my char lol.
Sitting on some fruits because why not
http://i.imgur.com/9IRY8pn.jpg (direct link in case images are not working)
After sprinting loli class will try to stop instantly whitch will result in character leaning back trying not to fall down from inertion and as a result one will get a flashy panty shot (imagine that with nopan :o )
http://i.imgur.com/XQ9kIu9.jpg (direct link in case images are not working)
Plenty of opportunities for panty shots while gliding through the air or flying with wings (yes it has those and one can fly pretty much everywhere with no restrictions unlike in say Aion):
http://i.imgur.com/Yjuf03R.jpg (direct link in case images are not working)
A somewhat erotic idle animation where character raises and pushes back her butt exposing panties, can see a bit of it here, not the best screenshot tho):
http://i.imgur.com/PvOhDnH.jpg (direct link in case images are not working)
There is also a place called hot springs to afk level up (lol), all people wear nothing but underwar in there, imagine a nude mod there :o, one can also do things like hugs pick ups and kisses with friends, tho same gender chars requires to unlock a skill in order to kiss whitch is a bit annoying



http://i.imgur.com/KUAHeiE.jpg (direct link in case images are not working)

There is also a possibility to share mounts with friends tho I have no screenshots of that atm...

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