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On 1/4/2019 at 5:30 PM, Vidust said:

Just happened to come by to ask about this. When you go to the cave to do the rescue, Uthgerd gets ambushed. However, the quest gets stuck there, they paralyze her with a spell but then just stand there doing nothing, and are "busy" if you interact with them. Killing them doesn't help either. What to do?

This happened to me. Usually a time skip resumes the dialogue. Failing that, reload a save and try again


shoutout to vinfamy: Episode 3? no? :(

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Needed to Report one bug, more like It's Minor compatibility issue With "Amorous Adventures" In the quest Jarls wife.


When you defy Mephala and she's out for you. She sends your friends to attack you. My dovahkiin was making Friends all over, anyway, problem was Amorous Dialogues with Lydia disappeared. Could be one of these reasons Either only by summoning her.
[I know its different ref id, but perhaps its making some alteration in original as well?]
or perhaps because I knocked her out?
I believe Its those alterations during Jarls wife quest.

Note: This seems tobe not the case with Aela Who actually involved in "Hunt" quest directly, she has those dialogues still or any other npc for the matter like Irileth. It was only Lydia. couldn't tested If this happens with Jordis, mjoll, elisif or with any other characters though.


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How to seduce Olfinа? I found a passage, but in step 4 I can only ask her father to go to Solitude. What am I missing?


1: Catch the couple outside, do whatever you want but you MUST sent Jon to solitude ( you need a decent ammount of speechcraft to do this, if you dont have enough just open the console and type player.modav speechcraft 100, then you can type player.modav speechcraft -100 to return it to its previous value )
2: 2: Open the console, type "set di_global_perversion to 0 and set di_global_sadism to 0" you need to be "pure" for this to work
3: Wait 3 days, dont wait near them, i just like to wait outside Whiterun
4: Go and talk with Olfina, she will tell you stuff about Jon wanting some time and the you can tell her how you'll never leave her and stuff
5: Congrats, you just romanced Olfina 


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On 4/5/2019 at 8:58 PM, leyre said:

Honestly, this thread needs to be closed, the mod is donezo and so far the only help comes from other users

Help coming from other users is still help.  Might be less of it if the thread is closed.

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this quest bugged Lydia for me, even after completing the quest. Lydia still seemed to be possessed by Mephala and keeps attacking me on sight. Also, my player is a female breton, were there any sex scenes in this particular quest... Except those flash back scenes involving Mephala possed Nelkir and the last one "midnight - irileth & jarl"??

Jarl's Wife Quest.



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Do the comments from NPCs get updated later in the game? I started a new game with this mod and obviously was labeled a virgin but I'm curious if NPCs will start saying anything as the game progresses.

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I like your quests, but I could do without the new silent "hellos" that every npc now treats me with. Is there a way to remove those from the game, and still play the quest content? Like removing the quest DI_Quest_InfamyComments, for example (and the references to it in the dialogues and intro scene)?

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By the way, while tinkering xEdit found this error (prior to changing your file):


[00:00] Checking for Errors in [8C] Dovahkiins_Infamy.esp
[00:00] Mephala "Mephala" [NPC_:8C00CE6D]
[00:00]     NPC_ \ Tint Layers \ Layer \ TINI - Tint Index -> <Tint layer index 1 not found in NordRace "Nord" [RACE:00013746]>
[00:00] [INFO:8C00F5A1] ('Of course, my Jarl.' in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:8C00F5A0])
[00:00]     INFO \ VMAD - Virtual Machine Adapter \ Scripts \ Script \ Properties \ Property \ Value \ Object Union \ Object v2 \ FormID -> [8C00F59A] < Error: Could not be resolved >
[00:01] Done: Checking for Errors, Processed Records: 3750, Errors found: 2, Elapsed Time: 00:01


I usually ignore the tint errors, but is the other one benign as well?

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How am I supposed to distract irileth?


How to give Sapphire 20 books? There is no dialogue option.


And could anybody explain to me how to get the ending “jon and olfina happily ever after ”. I wanted to see them together since my first skyrim playthrough.


Thanks in advance!

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