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ARK Dino Bits Mod?

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   Knowing Skyrim and other modders out there. I was playing Ark alot and getting tired of always looking at naked Dinos running around that look like they belong to Disney.


Point is: Is there a Mod out there that puts back the wild bits to the wildlife??

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First off look at alligator and crocs.  Their gentaila are never explose only when mating season start.  only a few tortoses will get erect during defensive play.  Even still do you even research to why we dont do it to dinos....they have by far the most complex.  And even if dino were to be evolved into birds they wouldnt have penis anyway nor a vagina looking like one.  


Now one could arge that a little differences might be enough but for   3d model trying to animated these bones or penis would be a night mare since most reptilian are hydralic style of erect.   Why dont we see more alligator erect penises.   it just how biological the world work.    

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Actually, the family Dromaeosauridae alone may have evolved into birds, nothing else is speculated to have afaik. Many types of bird don't have penises, but cloacae.

The cloaca is basically a multi-purpose sphincter. This adaptation is implied to have been due to a lack of need for securely depositing semen in the female's uterus. I'm no archaeologist nor biologist, so I can't speak as to what raptor junk was shaped like or even how many dongs a T-Rex had, but I can say if they even had dongs they were likely retractable with fully internal gonads, much like the aforementioned alligators and crocodiles.

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umm I know of how most reptile gentailia works. But there is a number of other things in the game that arent of that species. I do know that arousal in skyrim is done pretty simply with framework mod so it is possible do that same with dinos and such in ark.

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im am sure you would run a lot faster in that case.

most reptiles and birds have dicks they are just internal and only out at rare events and some fall off after use. and there are always exceptions and we dont know a while lot about dinos soft tissues

and when it comes to the female parts they can have a dedicated canal for it or a shared one.

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