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Outdated - [CE] Conan Exiles - Outdated

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[RP | ENG | PC] Nordland 18+ Story Driven RP


Special Features of Our Server:

· Old map! If you don’t have the new DLC come play with us instead!

· Amazing Start Location just east of Asagard.

· Theft! - Thieves get to pickpocket multiple NPCs!

· Quest - Custom made Quests with dialogues with choices and custom-built dungeons by our admins, with a variety of different rewards (Including LvlingUp and Coin, as well as armors, tools, and weapons.)

· Events! – Custom made events are being rolled out on a regular basis.

· Slavery - Hardcore slavery mode, custom modded collar, and control panel, and a slave market for you to buy or be sold at.

· OUR OWN SERVER MOD - It implements a cursed collar and some nice additional attachments to enhance your experience. ;)

· Custom Lore: We go off the usual Conan Script. While we use Conan lore as a base we have built on top of it to include a high fantasy setting with a specific focus on custom races. - Beasts and creatures like angels, demons, kitsunes, minotaurs, vampires, and more supernaturals, are absolutely fine and welcome!


Additional features:

· Public workbenches in hubs

· High Build Limit

· Merchants to buy Dyes, Equipment, and more.

Make sure to join our discord to find out more and get started ~ https://discord.nordland.life/44 Connection: IP and Port: Steam Connect:

· steam://connect/

Addition information: Harvest rate - x5 XP rate - x3 Max level - 300 (Included a boost kit to LVL 60) Bodies stay in the world: No Drop inventory on death: No Avatars enabled: No Decay: Disabled Kits: *Level 120 Boost *Emote kit *Attachments kits *Starter Tool+weapon Kits

Modlist in Spoiler


Mod List:

· Nordland Server Mod

· Pippi

· The Age of Calamitous

· Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)

· Thrall War Dungeon Mod

· SlaverMod

· Dungeon Master Tools

· Kerozads Paragon Leveling

· Improved Quality of Life

· Savage Steel

· Savage Steel vol II

· Emberlight

· Immerse RP

· RA: Character Customisation

· Asshuri Treasures

· Glass Construction and more

· Northern Timber

· Wonderbutter

· Immersive Armor

· Grim Productions

· High Heels System

· Barbarian Barber

· Accessory Wardrobe

· The Darkwoods

· Less Building Placement Restrictions

· Better Thralls

· ThrallSideKick

· Mod Control Panel

· ExilesExtreme

· Fashionist

· LTs Weather

· Unlock Plus (with Pickup)


· Workshop collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2054698690

Nordland Doc.jpg

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Isle of Pleasure 18+ RP/PvE/PvP


A off-spring of the Oasis of Pleasure Server with the new DLC has come, the Server launched on Siptah Release with Mods to enhance your RP and overall PvE Experience.

The Isle of Pleasure Server is an 18+ Roleplaying Server that gives everyone the chance to Roleplay or PvE as they wish, with little restriction to Character Creation to give you a chance to play out your Fantasies as you like, to make Storys, Characters as you please. The Project has been alive for 2 Years including the Oasis of Pleasure Server that has been one of the very few allowing Roleplayers to live out nearly all of their Fantasies, be it Character-wise or Story, Lore-wise, both Servers have no set Lore and is following the standart Conan Lore for an extent, but, you are also able to inegrate any fitting Lore you might now that suits the Conan Exiles Aera. The Server welcomes any Gender as we are very easy going, you will find tons of Shemales, Futas, Femboys, Females and even Males on our Servers to play with! We allow for nearly any kind of RP, besides the obvious Illegal ones, anything is welcome!

We welcome anyone that wants to Roleplay and wants to show their Creativity, with little restrictions to most things we are very laid back and allow much that others might completely have forbidden or used a system to make you "Apply" before creating a Character as a Demon etc. The Project Oasis and Isle of Pleasure have been known for its humble Community and place to allow for most Creativity with little restriction and a capable Staff Team that has only Neutral views on things and tries to make sure that everyone enjoys their time, as long as the Rules are followed.

Are you looking for a place to show Creativity, to find very friendly and humble Players to Roleplay with ? A Community that welcomes you and helps newcomers and a great Staff Team ?

Join us now on the Isle of Pleasure Server with the new Siptah DLC.


Server Rates:
Gathering: 3x
XP: 3x
Crafting: 0.1x ( Fastest )

- multiple Mods and Kits to enhance Character Creation
- Admin built mini Hub to not ruin the Atmosphere of the new DLC
- changes to Surges and Sigils, both improved to make it easier.
- Daily Quests to obtain Coin and additional Attribute Points
- RP as any kind of Character! ( besides (Demi)-Gods )

Our Mods




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Sword and Sheath 18+ Conan Exile server ERP Capture focused 300 Levels / No Wipes 3X XP / 3X Harvesting

Help us in creating a fun, rewarding and challenging server with a vibrant, interactive, clan-based community!


r/ConanExiles - Sword and Sheath 18+ Conan Exile server ERP Capture focused 300 Levels / No Wipes 3X XP / 3X Harvesting

PC Version (which does not stand for politically correct)

Please note: This is an ADULT roleplay server. Nudity, dominance and sex can occur here, so no one who is not 18 years or older can play here. This could include temporary enslavement (see RULES), humiliation, bondage, torture, even rape. This is not your run-of-the-mill PvP server. In fact, you are not allowed to kill another player.

The key here is capture, utilizing the player capture tools in Thrall War Dungeon Mod & provided to all players in the Capture Kit. Capture is very much a part of the clan-based roleplay that is at the core of S&S.

We only use the Mods necessary to provide the best experience for the players and maintain a stable and fast server.


r/ConanExiles - Sword and Sheath 18+ Conan Exile server ERP Capture focused 300 Levels / No Wipes 3X XP / 3X Harvesting

Read the rules, guidelines, mod instructions and background character bios on our Discord Server


  • Pippi

  • Kerozard Multigen

  • Fashionist 3.3.1

  • Emberlight 3.1.1

  • Aquilonian Females

  • Less Building Placement Restrictions

  • GCAM

  • Slavermod

  • Thrall Wars

  • Pickup+

Active discord at:



Direct connect at:

Or find us on the in game server search.

Hope to “catch” you there.

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On 10/19/2020 at 2:39 PM, MisterCandy said:

Have I understood this correctly that the sex mods don't work anymore ever since sexiles became obsolete? Does any other sex mod work?

It's true, but Thrall Wars has new animations to replace the Roleplay ones,  Roleplay and Sexiles are both being rebuilt, along with Slaver Mod, which still works.

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We welcome you to Eovothra. This is a fertile land filled with magic, wonder, and opportunity. But be warned, as beautiful as it may be, it holds its own darkness lurking in the dark corners of the world. This world is not ruled by one but by many. The creatures vary from fey to demon and many more, there is no limit to what kind of creatures you may run across in the town as well as out in the wild.

We welcome you to the server The Last Desire.
A new server starting up small and working on becoming bigger with time. We offer you a friendly server where you as a player make the story. You can play as any type of creature and gender as you wish (with exceptions of Gods, children of Gods and similar), all are welcome here. We offer daily quests, rp jobs, a chance to buy exotic mounts, and other exotic things through different means of quests and daily kits. We plan hope to see a lot of events that are made by staff as well as other players. Does this sound interesting? Come check us out on our discord for more information on mods and such or send me a DM on Discord. Hope to see you in the future.
(Some things are still in a work of progress, so more will come with time.)

(e)rp PvP 18+
We offer starter kits with lvl 60, tools, weapons, and so on.
xp and harvest is set at 5
Fast Thralling

Discord link for more information

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3 hours ago, Storms of Superior said:

Use Discord, follow mod discords, and advertize on those. It's the best way, even though I've found several that I like on here.


Well, I'll post the info anyhow, just incase people still come to the thread looking for it, and if I don't hear back from the OP, I could create a new thread and keep it maintained myself. Cause it's pretty lonely on the server xS

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Game Name:

Conan Exiles - Isle of Siptah


Server Name:

WPGN - Captured Lands - 18+


Server Address:  (Server) (Query)



An adult (18+) themed server, backed by a fast server with good hardware. 40 slots. Modded to facilitate body and fashion change, with plenty of craftable RP items. Server economy and kits. WPGN as the host network, with dedicated staff to show up on the spot if needed. (Save for the we ehours of th emorning until we accrue more staff for individual servers.) Server is set up for PVP, capture and Roleplay is encouraged.


Other Modifications:

Slightly increased XP gain

Slightly increased harvest gain





Shaved and Oiled

Thrall War Dungeon Mod

Savage Steel 1 & 2

75% more women

WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain

High Heels System


Sexy Silent Legion Armor

Dancer Dance Change


Stacksize Plus

Pippi Server.User Management




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