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Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

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4 hours ago, TheArti3D said:

Not a mod exactly. It was a friend of mine who made this texture for me. ❤️

darn, I was hoping to acquire it myself since I have no experience actually making mods. Would you be willing to send me the texture if you still have it?


Edit: I just made an Ahsoka character and was hoping to have Barriss as a follower.

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I suddenly woke up and then...


What the ...? Why are you here inside our room?


It was a mistake... a mistake! I thought this was the room I rented.



I understand. Okay! Can you please go outside right at this moment?




I'm sorry, I will never do this thing again.




Okay.       Then have a good night there.



I almost died in nervousness there. It will be a big trouble if my hubby wakes up.



I remembered that I am not wearing proper clothes. Well he just came in suddenly so it's understandable.



Thankfully he is still sleeping.

Oh, I also remembered that I forgot to lock the door again. It was a mistake in my part as well.

Why do I always forget to do some simple things like this.











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1 hour ago, Mr. Otaku said:

What outfits, piercings and pubic hair mods are those? They look lovely.



Outfit: COCO Gift - Vamp Dress

Piercings: CBBE HDT Piercings (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/15589-se-cbbe-hdt-piercing-sets-bodyslide-conversion-for-3bbb/)

Pubic hair: is a SlaveTats overlay, but forget from which pack


Anyways, random shot:


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