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Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

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Everyone talks about epic dragonborns, brave adventurers, mystical super-beings and nefarious villains. Yet nobody mentions the real heroes of Skyrim - the city guards. These poor folks have to deal with myriad of scantly clad wenches, random mass slaughters and Thomas-the-tank-engine attacks on daily basis. Sure, we have fun testing out new mods, but who gets to clean up the mess afterwards? They do! 😅


Just a few Whiterun guard designs. 😇













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This is a higher poly CBBE body I've been editing for week now. If you've ever noticed the sort of blocky old CBBE mesh when looking at the breasts or butt, then you'll probably know why I wanted this. I also tried to shape it pretty close to my fave body from Oblivion- a mix of the LL bottom and H-cup top. A wip for sure, but I'm liking what I have so far.






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10 hours ago, bloocarrot said:

how do you get those expressions in vid?

i just filmed few secs with first expression, few secs with next one,  used film editor to splice down to the exact frame and POOF!,  your in bizness  ;)


fyi, i use power director from cyberlink,  when i was shopping for an editor it seemed to have some good features for much lower cost compared to things like sony vega from what i could see, best/funnest 70-90ish? bucks ive spent, gotten alot of use out of it


have good day

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