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Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

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12 hours ago, Aslan. said:

Hey bloocarrot thank you! :)


For the texture of the lips i've used Bijin skin:




And for the shape of the lips i've just used the racemenu headsculpt to make them as i like :)


then i've smoothed out everything (cause i hate ugly sharp polygons)


A little frustrating job to do, but i guess it's worth the pain hahah


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We're all equal. The tall and the small, the strong and the frail, the nords and the bosmers. Equal. However, if you're small, frail, and bosmer, it'll be a bit harder. ^^

If you like stories, with adult whereabouts, humor and adventure, then the second chapter of this tale might be for you.


(Click on the image above to read)



Featuring : Elf Prince's character, the elf Stranger ; Malicia ; the dragon Serano ; and the dreaded Cerberus...

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