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On 11/10/2018 at 2:47 AM, poplan said:

Does this work with Skyrim SE?

You can port it

Works fine for me, except the rescue missions. Victims randomly despawn sometimes (literally despawn, no loading screen etc, turn away for 1 sec and theyre gone) and the "Escort Victim home" part didnt work a single time so far. Destination is some random item instead of a person or the destination is somewhere out of bound (Guess the original destination points dont exist in SE)


Btw I got kidnapped by essential NPCs (2 times so far I believe), which made it basically impossible to get my stuff back (as I cant kill them and pickpocketing my entire inventory is... a lot of work..)

no clue if the port is causing this issue or if its happening in the original version as well

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When I get kidnapped by creatures there are humans too. Is it possible to be assaulted only by the race that kidnaps you? 

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Sooo, love the idea of the mod, but got some issues that I'm not sure how to fix.


- I don't have the kidnapping trigger, at all. Not even when set to the highest possible chance and removing penalties.

- When I do a force trigger, it does start (so far only with Draugr, even when set to 0%). However my follower, who I've set to victim status trough talk, is one of the assailants, the first to be exact, then one Draugr takes the next turn, and then it all just stops. I can walk around, could probably even kill the revenge target, but not tested that part.


Short version, I've done something wrong, but what?

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So, did some more fiddling about with the mod. Mainly reinstall. Then changed the setting of "just this hold". This did fix actual ambushes happening. However, now the other victims are Lydia and varying males (tried several times). After having set my custom follower as victim 2 trough talk.

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