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Post Your Adult Sim Pics Here!

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49 minutes ago, Proje said:

My fault. Meant to say if anyone converted the outfit.

Converting TS4 to TS3 is a pain in the butt for me personally. Not sure how many people do it. Not sure about going 3 to 4? Each use a few different tools.

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I hadn't worked Lucifera Morningstar and her 4 Horse(wo)men in some time, but new armor (still a WIP) and a new double slit sarong bottom with no panites have Death and War making nice book ends for His favorite fallen angel...


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Hey there! I have some screenshots to share! I was playing in Barnacle Bay and decided to play with the Caliente family. I gave Nina and Dina a slight makeover after I set up kinkyworld. I had Dina snag a rich man while I had Nina go out on the town as a whore (...since she was a romance aspiration sim in the sims 2). 



















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Decided to play the Los Aniegos world more. 2 new residents from Albuquerque NM have arrived: Walter Heisenberg and Jesse Pinkman. Gus Fring is a new 'Consignment' store operator as well. Looks like the Sims are Breaking Bad. More news to follow.






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Haven't been able to do much editing bc my other computers been acting up.   Here's some random old shots of Bret and Shawn (plus some others here and there) I've had that never got posted.


Off the hiking path where none can see...




What happens at camp, stays at camp


Lemme take a selfie



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3 hours ago, RichieKing said:

old shots of Bret and Shawn

Does the Sims 4 know you're here? ;)


I tried, but couldn't identify the world/town from the 1st screenshot. And as always - fun to see mods I've never used or seen. The tent is cool....



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16 hours ago, landess said:

Does the Sims 4 know you're here? ;)


I tried, but couldn't identify the world/town from the 1st screenshot. And as always - fun to see mods I've never used or seen. The tent is cool....



Dont tell 😜


honestly, TS4 will never be TS3 in my opinion.  It feels like a lack in depth to the game that 3 has, and not just the open world concept.  4 feels kinda empty where 3 feels kinda story like.  idk...


Anyway, first screenshot is from a custom world, Boroughsburg.  Its based off Brooklyn and is one of the best to play in once you get it going and populated.  Cant remember where I got the tent from lol.  

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Well, these are a work in progress that I hope I get satisfied with them enough to upload. But, I have to say, Plumbots may be sort of "human"... but their parts are made like objects... like a stove or refrigerator! Trying to figure out the cross-over... especially for the heads! Anyway...


FemmeBot B69-Bi Automata found herself left alone at the community center back "Into The Future" (McFly?) as her humans went out to a night club. Not to be left alone for long, and being equipped with a holo-projector, she decided to summon FemmeBot A69 to the future so they could "hang out"...






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Let the Jungle drums start.... Found a beautifully crafted world and am currently doing a bit of customizing for KW. I'm pretty excited about the prospects and couldn't help showing a bit while I continue to set it up.


Found here: https://thesimscatalog.com/sims3/downloads/worlds/large/ziwa-bonde/






There are 2 separate Villages and most homes have horses. I've already disabled as much traffic as NRaas Traffic plugin allows - no food/icecream trucks, no taxi's for sims without cars, no cars for routing, traffic delta set to -500, no Limo's/etc. Hopefully this becomes very immersive (yeah, I know - Tarzan with a smartphone!)


>>> So far, so good. Not a car in sight. But running to the nearest village with a 'bar' took quite some time. Looks like they will be getting a Zebra and if lucky, Unicorn.





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That night on the Savannah, The drums were busy. A message - Tarzan's mate returned to the stone jungle. Princess She-Ra decided it was time... So she said her goodbyes, and ran, and ran. In the next village she found an old man versed in the ways of animals. Knowing it was important for the Princess to arrive quickly, she was given a rare Zebracorn. Then she rode, and rode. Tarzan was impressed and after her ritual mating was done, the King of the Jungle was happy again.





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On 5/11/2020 at 11:10 AM, moemegumi said:

my themed set my emperor sim got 2 new concubines from the joseon dynasty he's quite partial to these types and their twins so he had to have both at the same time. so he can go fuck his favored consort.

A Crouching Tiger and a Hidden Dragon - Nice!

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Artemesia is a young adult now, and she and Dean moved to a version of Oasis Landing called Arcadia-3, which is playable as a homeworld, but improved by the addition of more community lots. Visiting the added festival ground saw Dean be "cursed by the witch" while visiting the haunted house, and temporarily transforming into a ghost. Still didn't stop them racing off for a quickie in the futuristic bathroom.





And what a time for the phone to ring...






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1 hour ago, RonaldReagan said:

Enjoying all the great content!

Only 1 shot? Such a tease.... There are some good skin texture links on this site as it appears you are using the default 'barbie' skin.


BTW, better break out the Windex, I got a feeling that windows gonna need it.


>>> side story: I'm sure most people are aware of the stickers people can use to keep birds from flying into large windows. Looking back I bet my son would've appreciated those after visiting my parents house one summer. They keep the windows spotless and the boy was running through the family room to go outside and ran smack into the sliding glass doors which were closed. He bounced back and stood there - stunned for several seconds while reality was trying to sink in.

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It is a pictorial of the first of my Bunnys. Patricia Stone, Miss January, in the Playboy style of the 60s or 70s.
I know that the important thing about this magazine was the articles, but I only have the version in similsh. I'm sorry  but the photos should be enoug

0 cover.PNG.jpg












6 centerfold.jpg

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On 5/26/2020 at 8:09 PM, landess said:

Only 1 shot? Such a tease.... There are some good skin texture links on this site as it appears you are using the default 'barbie' skin.



Thank you sir and i have taken steps to correct the issue


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Greetings again.
I bring you my second model, 
She is Elsa Tworkoski, the second Bunny to arrive at the Playboy Club of Lucky Palms,
I hope you like it.

I was wondering if to put it all or limit myself to the cover and centerfold, I will try to use the hidden tab option this time ,,,But no way I can't hide the pages.

But I do not want to bore you with this if you can see the rest, tell me and I will put complete  pictorial in next post


But it is my duty to warn you, There are many pictorials (6 to date), and some reports on movie shooting and party nights ,,, so they risk tire you with these nonsense I do.


6 centerfold.PNG

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