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A new casting, but this time it will not only be from the soft part ,,, the girls should dare to pose and act in harder publications ,,, if I find a suitable title maybe I will start publishing them 😈






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5 minutes ago, Patriguz said:

if I find a suitable title maybe I will start publishing them


Hustler magazine was always pushing the boundaries, this is why Larry Flynt was always in 'court'. I make no apologies for the man himself, but he has done more for freedom of speech from a sexual standpoint than anyone. By going to courts and having rulings entered into the records, he opened the door for those whom would follow - in other words, he took the risks, and paid the prices while others followed safely behind. I still remember the first time I saw insertion in his magazine long before anyone else ever tried it in a publication. Meanwhile the movie industry worked from another set of rules.





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Here in Spain we had a strict censorship, when the dictator died in 1975 there was a wave of publications and films with more or less hard nudes, it is known as "the years of uncovering", all the actresses came out naked with the most idiotic script excuses , or directly without them. I was 15 years old and I still remember it ,after a few years of "erotic drunkenness" things returned to normal, but it was a very crazy adolescence :innocent:












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3 hours ago, landess said:

he opened the door for those whom would follow

Some doors should perhaps remain closed... with the lights off... and the curtains drawn... shutters closed... windows painted black!!! )))

Funny Crazy Naked Fat Man in Panties with Suspenders Posing ⬇ Stock Photo,  Image by © Discovod #89204286

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2 hours ago, Patriguz said:

Here in Spain we had a strict censorship


Sadly I'll probably be dead before Japan eliminates the 'mosaic' laws....


The thing is - ALL those had mosaics added AFTER they were shot. So there must be versions without mosaics unless they are immediately destroyed after modification. Regardless, the varying levels of censorship surprise me as well. Super fuzzy to why bother (risky mosaic), with some showing the rectum and others censoring the rectum. While some show the rectum, but then censor it if insertion is performed, there are others whom don't even censor that, but penis and vagina is always 'off-limits' where mosaics are concerned. There is even some discrepancies when showing dildos - WTF?






I just did my yearly maintenance of my mods folder - Whew!


Knocked the GB down by 2 just merging them. I had over 1300 singles in with the older merged packages from before. So I crammed those into 12 new merged packages (had to make the archives make sense as well) and cut both my save load times and CAS selection load times WAAAAY down. It seems the game 'keeps up for awhile' when becoming bloated and then it just gets too fat to get off the couch...  Even launching the game was getting ugly before even seeing a save load screen. Now that's out of the way I can get back to playing some larger worlds/saves again since they won't take near 1/2 hour to load. 


I find discipline isn't a matter of just stopping collecting CC, but knowing what I will USE and what I 'think' I will use.

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Since I found more CC during my Pirate acquisitions, and merging a shitload of packages, thought I'd show some cool CC and post a teaser for now. I had already began a Star Wars themed world with 'Lucas' Lakes.






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Fear of Humans trait chip works as advertised . . . 




Meet the neighbors - a few more shots.




And I can't keep these 2 away from each other.





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Saludos. Normalmente hago sesiones suaves con las Bunnys, al estilo de Playboy ,,, pero tengo cientos de fotos de las chicas en actitudes, digamos, más atrevidas, después de algunos comentarios en un@landess hilo Me acordé de una vieja revista de mi adolescencia (LIB) que incluía este tipo de material (ya sabes, esas revistas que eran para ver, no para leer, antes de Internet).

Así que he hecho una portada para cada una de mis chicas y la comparto contigo. Especialmente con aquellos de nosotros que ya tenemos 40 años. Hay 18 portadas aquí pondré algunas y el enlace a la sección Blog por si quieres ver el resto






Lib 00.jpg





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In my last game, I hit the "create a household", generated a random sim, and got an almost perfect representation of someone I used to be in love with. (Unfortunately, she preferred to remain just friends.). So I played the Sims 3 version of her for a bit.




The game before that, I played 2 sisters who paint and photograph each other a lot. (Sisters because I didn't want them to go lesbian again - whenever I play more than one sim, I'm too lazy to socialize out outside of the household a lot. One's a genie and the other a witch, so it was easy to convince two sims to join them in bed. Both went for anilingus followed by anal ... 



The blonde above is the witch, the genie's below. (I had them the other way round - blonde genie, dark witch - but didn't like the genie skin shade on the blonde.)

Screenshot-170.jpg.84404d1e9349505a79bc9766b30e13ac.jpg(And yes the bed needs to be one square closer to the wall. Octagonal rooms 😕 .)


Both witches also like teens, here's them playing with Jupiter Belle and ... Brandon or something.





Played a teen to try the Kinkyworld high school, but got bored of that quickly. 


Before that I started another vampire, recruited Brandy Collins and Iforget Whatsherface, experimented with tattoos, started a band,  and got bored waiting for the skills to go high enough to get gigs. (Also, loading a game breaks opportunities 100% of the time, at least for me... so whenever I do get a gig opportunity, I basically need to keep playing until after the gig, or it'll be invalid, saying something like "You need to return home to finish that opportunity".)




Can't remember anything interesting about these occasions:












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5 hours ago, Yotix said:

got bored waiting for the skills to go high enough


I'm guessing everyone has Master Controller. With so many mods we basically cheat as players in one form or another - so when the issue you describe happens - just make the changes needed to stop your boredom. Save the time from being wasted, increase values and see what happens now instead of being forced to wait. MC/Advanced/Skill Level.


This setting and the Intermediate/Careers are 2 that increase the time it takes for me to set up new games. I go in - change the looks and wardrobe of each sim in a household. I also make sure they have a set of traits, skills, and job/level I want. Sometimes I try to use this to create specific bosses for other Sims whom will eventually share the same career. Like a writer setting up the characters in a show, before I tell them "Oops, I forgot the script - Action!"

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