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Epic Video Game Music

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4 hours ago, ToJKa said:


Funny how literally the first thing that came to mind when I saw the thread title was "there's gotta be some Ace Combat music in there", only to find out it was indeed the most recent post, lol.


I'll just go ahead and post two of my favorites:




This last one was actually added past the game's deadline, because they "wanted to give people goosebumps and make them cry" with a proper song, and once it was done they also decided to tweak the dialogue and the mission flow so it would go in sync with the music for greater effect. Oooh boy, did they succeed.

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EDIT: Well Square-Enix is going after FF7 soundtrack with a vengeance, so the musics linked were Fires of Resistance idle and battle, and the full Airbuster boss music.


They really nailed the music in FF7 remake. This was the one that made the biggest impression. Might've been because of the setting, though.







Also, couldn't someone just make an infinite loop of 5:03 - 5:50 part 😛




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