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Hi, I usually publish my Sims on Twitter and Tumblr (@ptymao), but I would like to join this thread with some of my boys. Let's start with just one.  Here is Tonraq (I know, I spelled incorrectly in the picture... lol).



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Been lurking for a while but haven't posted yet because there are so many fantastic Sims on here and didn't feel like I could create Sims that measured up. Still learning how to do better at CAS (and finding cool cc:) but figure it's time I shared since you all are so generous.


My Current main save is an Insta-thot in the Social Media career plus using Sacrificial's Road-To-Fame Mod for a modeling career. Plus he's got an AEP channel because everyone has an OnlySims these days...






Peter's recent shoot to promote his OnlySims channel




My Cottage Living Family. Turns out the reason the Watson's marriage wasn't working was they were both pretending to be something they were not. My Sim helped Mark through his divorce and they've long since settled into a new blended family.



And this is my porn-star sim Preston. He's at the top of his game currently and thinking of whether he should make a shift to something more mainstream.




Mostly though he's just having too much fun hooking up with his hot jock boyfriend amongst others. Seriously, the animations by Khlas are so hot...



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