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On 5/31/2021 at 4:32 PM, TiaraHodge said:

Men are stunning, they deserve love, attention, compliments, affection and everything positive around them. I love men from their silky smooth adorable hair to the tip of their beautiful meaty round toes, from the air they breathe to the ground they walk on with their godly feet, men are deities to me. Creating male characters and being able to play with their stories and giving them the depth they deserve from a gaming community with content lacking for them, and memes that revolve around how ''dull'' men are, it's my role as a simmer and custom content creator to give my characters a chance to show how deep and beautiful male sims can be.


TS4_x64 2021-05-30 18-03-35.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-30 17-00-43.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-27 04-53-31.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-25 16-13-48.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-25 16-06-39.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-25 15-05-53.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-25 14-46-50.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-25 01-02-33.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-25 00-32-42.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-25 00-24-31.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-25 00-13-51.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-24 23-52-23.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-25 16-11-37.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-25 00-59-06.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-25 00-29-21.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-24 23-44-57.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-22 18-12-50.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-22 16-58-59.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-22 15-28-11.png

TS4_x64 2021-05-22 15-24-48.png

Omg I LOVE these! What CC are you using to get this style of animation on them?

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Some more poses I made for a gay story i am working on. It's 9:00 AM in the morning Paxton is sleeping while his roommate Jayden left for his Uni class meanwhile Jayden's friend "Chuck" who lives to the next dorm building in foxbury came to get Jayden but finds that he already left for class but WOAH! what do we have here, he finds Paxton in his jockstraps where his butthole was clearly visible to Chuck it made him horny and he started licking it before a hot n sweaty sex with him....  More info to come 

I've decided to make this story into chapters in which first chapter will be with these 2 guys Jayden and Chuck and their hot encounters with him. 

Sims 4 Screenshot 2021.07.22 -

Sims 4 Screenshot 2021.07.22 -

Sims 4 Screenshot 2021.07.22 -

Sims 4 Screenshot 2021.07.22 -

Sims 4 Screenshot 2021.07.22 -

Sims 4 Screenshot 2021.07.22 -

Sims 4 Screenshot 2021.07.22 -

Sims 4 Screenshot 2021.07.22 -

Sims 4 Screenshot 2021.07.22 -

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46 minutes ago, Jeleme45 said:

Testing @Khlas animation


The flesh light is bit weird, but the face said it all




No climax animation yet but overall it's looks good!




the fleshlight does not looks weird, it’s an issue with the mods you have that aren’t updated.

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6 hours ago, tzarevnaofsuburbs said:



more under spoiler 

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Nice, the bunny ears reminded me of Ariana's from Dangerous Women.

Well in this case, Dangerous Men?



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14 minutes ago, Jeleme45 said:

@Khlas It's just like you said but I just updated WickedWhims and it's fixed! 



The testicles looks strange tho. It shouldn’t looks like that. You use realgens or simplegens? Simdulgence released the simplegens penises on his tumblr. But even with realgens they should looks fine. I animated everything right so it shouldn’t looks like this at all, but if you don’t mind then it’s fine.  

see this gif as reference 


the testicles should be like this.

Edited by Khlas
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