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Zorah Mabrouk, a hooker that started on the streets. After her PIMP got caught and put in jail, she had to work low profile so she became a call-girl reachable on WhatsSims.













Zorah to be discovered in Ballin' Matt.


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Lora and Kachua.





They are based off the Gemeni Elf twins from the early days of Yugioh. There's some lore behind them I didn't know existed until recently.


If you're interested and want them, they are in the Gallery together or individually, but there are two versions of them (No CC versions though). One is decked out with many, many packs, and the other is more "base game" friendly (Get To Work and Realm of Magic are the only required packs for those versions). These ladies are skilled too.







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18 hours ago, mrrakkonn said:

Kind of still just idling around in CAS, updating old sims here and there    


A couple more pics of my makeover of this sim, some more outfits and I gave her a slightly different skintone and switched out the nose ring for an edit of the one from Eco Living.


image.png.dbaa979158b2b565cf41bcb181285461.png    image.png.22a7a9ea7423eabb4d2347597fa8c140.png    image.png.cbd68079d8a2503b23057d0433d70501.png


image.png.8aaa0988016c6fa25463779929307b17.png     image.png.71addd875324097cbd333c65954e4061.png

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