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17 hours ago, parzysty said:

@devilangel13 This is your first face mask that doesn't feel out of place. Good job!

??? What do you mean, i don't think some of them feel out fo the place don't forget that you don't see the sims  from a lil distance but more far away in game. Every of my face faces's texture match the color of the skin that i use with them.

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Some of my Pornstar sims on my Patreon just uploaded


Rocki Roads







Hunter Bryce










Janine Lindemulder






Daphne Rosen



All made with custom facemasks

Check out my Patreon.




I upload multiple sims a week

requests open to Patreons

or request here and see a preview before you commit

Every Patreon Sim i make gets public previews


I also do celebrities

Jump over to my Patreon to see the public previews


Thanks to everyone at Loverslab

All the Creators and my Current Patreons..







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My Pornstar Requests just uploaded on my Patreon


Go check out my Patreon HERE, Every sim i make has a public preview so you can see everything without a paywall.


I make Celebrities & Pornstars.


All my sims are fully HQ READY

All my made with custom facemasks.




Devon Lee















Austin Kinkaid




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