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47 minutes ago, Quillon said:

For some reason, I just can't stop imagining your redhead sim in  more casual clothes with a sunny T-shirt. She is so damn cute. Part of what makes her so appealing is that she looks normal. No over the top details or anything. Simple and beautiful.

Thank you! It's very kind of you to say so. You probably saw that there's pictures of all her everyday outfits a couple of posts up. I ended up radically changing the original sim (she's a made over version of one of my older sims), but I think the new end result is a fantastic improvement and really produced a unique-looking sim. She's now pretty much completed with a full set of outfits for most categories. Also need to decide on traits for her. 

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This is Cassandra. She's a free spirit. She's creative, adventurous.... but also very lazy. She doesn't really want to work... so she rather keeps wandering, singing and playing music for money and finding valuables which she sells. 


Apologies for somewhat low quality. My laptop can't do better than this. 

02-06-20_12-59-30 AM.png

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Hi so-- I let you--do me-- you'll give me your pokemon? "well yeah"---ok that's a deal!!!---ewww your ready for --ugh me-------your not pulling-- out---eeeew well I do get your poloemon---thanks sweety-- huh? you don't have any -pokemon--?? you just wanted to do me!!!








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On 2/7/2020 at 2:35 AM, mrrakkonn said:

new sim I started making. Not settled on the hair (it messes pretty up eyelashes pretty bad), but I think she came out looking promising.




image.png.195cbadbbf52ba2a059d3bb2a1418c3c.png  image.png.70fa51c5b4af93a013262858ae632cdc.png

Can I download it?

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