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Miss Santa (CBBE Outfit)

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Miss Santa Outfit:


= mSantaBody - build this first in BodySlide on your preset
(it contains the body with edited legs to fit the highheels)
= mSantaHat - (if you use big hair it will go thru hat - male can use it to)
= mSantaLaceTeddy - (it will swap the panty)
= mSantaPanty - (it will swap the Lace Teddy)
= mSantaSkirt - (as an armor)
= mSantaStockings1 - (it will swap the stockings 2)
= mSantaStockings2 - (it will swap the stockings 1)


(I made this in a hurry for the Christmas, so if you have clipping issues use OutfitStudio to fix them)


All cloth parts are separately equippable un-equippable
All cloth parts can be crafted at chemistry station under utility
To get the outfit parts in game using console commands type: "help santa 4"
Download and extract the archive to Fallout 4 directory
or use your prefered download manager.
Creators of Body Slide and Outfit Studio
PS Brushes:


Merry Christmas! :)


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21 hours ago, Sparks100 said:

totally lost as to how do I build body as preset in bodyslide?

then you don't know how to use Bodyslide and/or outfitstudio

there are good video tutorials...

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