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Is there a way to get he trap layer to stop with the web based things. 90% of the traps it lays are either spider eggs, desiccated corpses, or those web columns, all of which I have to intentionally activate. All the other traps drop so so infrequently

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Does this mod add something like "drink potion -> equip ballgag and blindfold?!"


I have this in my mod and I think it happens since I ran into a devious trap....


And btw: Devious Traps at 0% still make Devious Traps happen -.-


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Is this mod still beeing worked on? :D

I still love it and use it (with Monoman Tweaks).


But now I have the following bugs:


1. if paralyzed by Trap, all NPC stop hostilities (they dont attack the player)


2. I set Guardian Rape Trap to 0%. But if Guardians appear from the trap, they dont attack me and the console says they try to start a sexlab scene (which is not starting).

This happens several times now and even with Guardian ATtack Trap at 100% it still appears all traps are guardian Rape instead, even when its 0% :(


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Regarding the implementation of devious traps, is it possible for this mod to cover more items from the devious devices list? so far, I only experienced the devious collar, cuffs, gag, and blindfolds. Aside from my given concern i also noticed that the slider is not accurate and still makes the mod spawn random things even if i put every slider to 0%


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