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SSE Screenshots and Character Shots

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She had come a long way, from being a naive young woman wanting to become a shield maiden, her life dedicated to sword and shield, to being a hero of legend. Not that she'd acknowledged that - it was all too fresh. Maybe in good time, when the sensation had settled in and she had slept a good night's rest that would change. But there was something now, that spark of being recognized by the Dovah, respected even. Arngeir was right. She had done great things, and for all she knew, her path had not yet come to an end. The War for Skyrim's future was yet to be decided, and other things began to loom over the horizon.



... I am actually quite happy I've found my passion for the game again after having restarted due to the Thalmor Embassy event and then encountering it again in a new game. After that, things went out pretty bugfree, even Season Unending did behave. Had a few FPS tanks when reloading into the overworld, maybe that's to investigate sometime. But the LO is stable, I don't have big issues, maybe to check if a couple of things are working - still haven't checked if EC+ is working. And I also want to finish the DLC and some of the bigger mods, Falskaar, Evil Mansion, Wyrmstooth, Darkend, Beyond Skyrim... so, still a lot of content to go, many adventures to be had and many sexual pleasures to be experienced. 😆





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Elandra was a proud and beautiful ningheim blessed by the 9 divinities.
She made more than one man pale with her dream body.





But that's a thing of the past now...
Elandra the ningheim is no more! 

The chaurus and parasites have decided otherwise!
They have chosen a different destiny for her!

Now Elandra is a ...





A queen chaurus!!


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When friends make fun of you for playing a female character...



If they only knew what she was hiding down there..




and the obscene amount of pussy she gets!




Mod Credits:


I use 3BBB and try to keep the game looking like skyrim


High Heels Dress Outfits (Edited to show her dick)


Vedirdate Armor

Ebony Battle Armor (Re-slotted some things)

Lingerie Set

Remodeled Armor (Zaps galore)


Bijin NPCs (Uthgerd, Ysolda, Lydia, Jordis, Jenassa, Delphine, Temba)

Sassy Teen Girls (Lyra from High Hrothgar)

Flower Girls

SoS Futanari

Bijin Skin

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