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SSE Screenshots and Character Shots

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25 minutes ago, urbon said:

нет, лол. Меня забанят, если я поделюсь этой картинкой даже с этим цензором, лол. Я никогда не понимаю, почему вы не можете поделиться сосками в области изображения, но в области мода есть много членов и сосков, лол

will not be banned, but the screenshot will be deleted.

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1 hour ago, urbon said:

nah lol. I will get banned if I share those pic even with that censor lol. I never get it why you can't share nipples in the image area but in the mod area there are a lot of dicks and nipples lol

You can show them on here, LL won't care about showing nipples, or any other pixel parts.

#FreeYourNipples :) 

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Touched by Dibella body - Outfit: TBD (Kardia) / COCO Clothing (Student, Pinup Cheongsam)





CBBE body (false TBD - i only changed the file "femalebody_1_msn") outfit: [SunJeong] Ninirim Collection 6.0




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On 2/4/2021 at 4:29 AM, urbon said:

Protecting my waifu lmao

Yes here you don't fear censorship if your character is completely naked.
As B10HAZARD and Sanya told you, you can put anything you want. 
You see, people put a lot of pictures of their character or naked follower sleeping with other npc's naked or with undead or other creatures and they never get anything.
You can even put videos too. 
And if you're worried that it might shock other people, put your pictures under spoiled.
Unless it's because you don't want people to see your character's nipples naked but I don't think so because you put it completely naked.

On the other hand, yes, avoid putting these images on sites like Youtube or other sites because there, they won't miss you.
Once, when I wanted to put naked skyrim videos on youtube to put them on LL afterwards, YT I didn't miss and the result was blocked.

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17 minutes ago, B10HAZARD. said:


You could title that last picture = Foggy Bottom! :) 



I remember when you could upload Devious Devices and Sexlab mod videos on YouTube, but those day's are long gone. :( 

You Tube are a bunch of wankers!
They block you for almost nothing while other hotter videos are still on.
I only go on their platform to find music I like, otherwise I go somewhere else for sexlab videos or something else.




My elf attracted by the statue of Sanguine



An irrepressible desire




Impossible to jump against Luxure in person




Prostitute of the Daedalus prince of debauchery!





Again please, master!






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