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SSE Screenshots and Character Shots

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3 hours ago, hellblueboy said:

I might jump to Skyrim SE since i manage to port most of my follower...




Whats the outfit? the body part, i think i know the other parts

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Something a little different:




This is the Redwater Den lookout, wishing she'd done a better job of actually looking out.


I liked the composition of this scene, but not the lighting. So I ran the screenshot through some Gimp filters and this was the result.


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2 hours ago, sanya56714 said:

и hana120 сутенёр😆

Uh no.
Elisif deserved it! With its fake septim traffic! Naked in Solitude was not enough!
When in Sérana, it doesn't bother him too much. And a little better company is needed for these gentlemen.
I specify that it is the Outlaw and Revolutionary mod.
And precisely, I have not yet had the quest to choose the new emperor.

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8 hours ago, hana120 said:

Эээ нет.
Элисиф это заслужила! Со своим фальшивым септим траффиком! Обнаженной в Солитьюде было мало!
В Серане это его не слишком беспокоит. И этим господам нужна компания получше.
Уточняю, что это мод Outlaw and Revolutionary.
И точно, у меня еще не было квеста по выбору нового императора.

Outlaw and Revolutionary что это?

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On 12/25/2020 at 8:19 AM, Acro748 said:


I'd love to know what mod those black gloves, boots, and collar are from.

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