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What is\Where is - Searches and Requests thread.

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On 8/2/2019 at 7:02 PM, Vyxenne said:

Try this (I have never tried it but I have used the command below to make someone my Lover and it works just fine):


  1. Obtain the NPC's RefID (not her BaseID, which is what the Help <NPCName> command gives you) by looking him/her up UESP or other Skyrim resource. For this example, assume the follower you want to turn is Lydia, whose RefID is a2c94
  2. Get a reasonable distance away from her because s/he will immediately attack you at the end of these steps unless you are beyond aggro range
  3. Open the console
  4. Enter
    setrelationshiprank a2c94 -3
    player.setrelationshiprank a2c94 -3
  5. Lydia is (probably) now your Enemy and will attack you on sight. Her AI may also now be irrevocably broken, so make sure you have done all of her quests (including both of her fun Amorous Adventures quests, involving Adrianne Avenicci and Annekke Leg-Humper) because from this point forward Lydia may essentially be a drooling idiot


15 hours ago, hana120 said:

Can this work for Serana?

Serana is not only a "unique NPC" (which basically just means she has a non-generic name) but special in every other way as well- She is the protagonist in an entire DLC, she has the most intensive and complex quests of any NPC in the game, exclusive interactions with the Player Character... and she has her own unique voicetype (voiced by the incomparable Laura Bailey) which goes much deeper than merely defining her vocal characteristics. She also has more mods "about her" than any other NPC in the game, which is a further indication of just how special she is.


In my personal opinion, admittedly colored by being in love with Serana since the Dawnguard DLC dropped into my Xbox360 in 2012, I would suggest simply putting a bullet in your computer as a simpler and more humane way to blow up your game. :classic_confused:


That said, my personal feelings aside, I don't know whether trying to make Serana your enemy for no apparent reason would work or not. Save your game and try it. If Serana doesn't go batshit crazy (meaning her AI isn't irredeemably broken by the change in affinity) then party on, although you'll also have to set her as non-essential to kill her unless you have completed all of her quests. If, as I suspect, it does break her AI as well as your game, well, revert to the save you made and leave poor Serana tf alone! :classic_biggrin:

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7 hours ago, Myrrh said:

Is there a way to make Hoth work with SoS? I tried setting him in the MCM to use the plexus but no dice, still an empty hole.


2 hours ago, hana120 said:

I always leave a clean save where I am with her.
She is also one of my favorite women in Skyrim.
Powerful, captivating, endearing, beautiful.

I'm so confused- why doesn't anybody back-quote any more? Obviously, the second post above is not about the post immediately preceding it... but which post is it about? :classic_wacko:

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11 minutes ago, Vyxenne said:


I'm so confused- why doesn't anybody back-quote any more? Obviously, the second post above is not about the post immediately preceding it... but which post is it about? :classic_wacko:

The second message you quoted concerns your post on Serana.
after, the first is a request from another forumer.

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17 hours ago, Myrrh said:

Is there a way to make Hoth work with SoS? I tried setting him in the MCM to use the plexus but no dice, still an empty hole.


I gave Azog (Orc-Mod follower) once a schlong ... hmm ... There is a option where you can give him a schlong in a MCM menu. I could select Azog and how big the schlong should be. Only problem: He always had his loincloth on ... but ok.

Should work with Hoth aswell. But: I can't remember WHAT MCM menu it was .... Have you looked accurate at the schlong menus inside the MCM?


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is there one that tracks not just your head position on the y axis but also the rotation on the y z and x because that's what skyrim - enhanced camera is doing and i can tell in SL animations my head position stay default to how it is before the animation and then it shows my characters neck as it doesn't track current head rotation in animations just the elevation and upon pressing F it goes to the proper view of how it is suppose to be in first person for a split second before going into third person

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17 hours ago, Funzel22 said:


I gave Azog (Orc-Mod follower) once a schlong ... hmm ... There is a option where you can give him a schlong in a MCM menu. I could select Azog and how big the schlong should be. Only problem: He always had his loincloth on ... but ok.

Should work with Hoth aswell. But: I can't remember WHAT MCM menu it was .... Have you looked accurate at the schlong menus inside the MCM?


Yeah that's the Plexus MCM option I meant that I tried. Didn't do anything :(

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Despite I'm lurking here hopefully there is something "interesting" to try, I still actually want to play Skyrim as Skyrim. I.e, going adventure, meet a new NPC, create a story, completing quest, battles, leveling up, grinding, become overpowered, etc.


I want to make my Skyrim a dangerous place for a female adventurer. NPC will take any opportunity they get if a female adventurer (which is my female mc) let her guard down, whether the NPC is a playable race or creatures. Thus it creates a reason why my female mc wants to get better at defending herself, doing evasive maneuver when it's impossible to win (I deliberately make my game setting to be hard which sometimes I have to do a tactical retreat), hire body guards/followers, or some unexpected event happened without her notice (without breaking the game flow).


Unfortunately, except a quest mods, mods I found were intrusive to the actual gameplay flow. And sometimes, in my opinion, not immersive. Some of the mods forced and railroad me into a certain scenario by equipping me with a random "magical item" that apparently completely drain my ability, as if saying "you can't do this, you have to do this". Or some random excuses to justify its existence. Thus, in my opinion, intrusive and not immersive to the actual Skyrim. Some of the mods also alter the entire skyrim to basically a new porn/fetish based media.



I'm not going to point to any mod that did these, but instead, I'd mention the mods that satisfy my needs:


Sexlab Defeat (SE) - My choice for defeat aftermath. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work. I combined it with Death is Highly Overrated to make sure I'm not dying when it doesn't trigger. Besides, I set the knockdown setting to use exhaustion (stamina threshold) with 100% chance and 100% chance to auto-resist aside from wounded threshold. When it proc, will she manage to escape? I tried my best to do so, and if failed, I consider it a "short break" to enjoy the scene. The aftermath after being raped is fair, left for dead, transfered to a random inn, or escape (or even taking a revenge). It is not really intrusive to the actual game flow (except in some scenarios when I'm not supposed to be defeated).


Jail Rape (SE) - A nice immersion mod. More reasons to visit prisons, avoiding prisons, or deliberately making a criminal character for more reasons to "pay a visit" to the prison when get caught. The only thing that is lacking is an option to resist.


SL Horrible Harasshment (SE) - Even the cities aren't safe. I like it that the chance to get harassed is so slim even with 100% chance means I don't even need to worry about interrupting the flow of the game (especially when it also has cooldown system). I even initially thought the mod was broken because it never been triggered. But when it proc, I consider it as a jackpot. Also probably my character is pissed and want to punch him to death


SL Adventure (LE, apparently work for SE) - I consider this as SLHH alternative/compliment. It also has a cooldown system.


Arachnophobia (LE) (Not to be confused with Arachnophobia spider replacer in SE) - Make you think twice to fight those spiders. I wish it's going to be ported to SSE sometime later.


Mysterious Breeding Room (SE) - I love estrus, but imo, so far only this particular mod that justify the existence of estrus right (I never like any other estrus addon unless if they're used by Lurker/Seeker or in hermaeus mora realm in dragonborn dlc). It's a quest mod that is quite short but sweet.


Honorable Mention:

Body Search (SE) - I love the concept of the mod, I really do, however the less lenient config turned me off (the cooldown is too short and less tolerant). And apparently the force greet happens on whaveter condition I'm in (ignoring if I'm in the sex scene or probably also happen if I'm in dialogue).


Dragonborn In Distress (LE) - The only reason why I put this here is because it's currently in LE (even though apparently work as is in SE), and apparently in development. The entire defeat scene is kinda intrusive, but fair. You're badly injured, and you can't do anything except getting abused. And there a trauma effect. I'm intrigued to see how the development goes (and probably considering to jump back to LE if it's too tempting)


A random idea:

I wish there is a mod that add a chance to get kidnapped whenever I sleep in wilderness. You woke up, naked, and no inventory items, and there is a chance whether if you're either in a cell/prison, or tied up if ZaZ animation pack is installed, or simply naked with no weapon equipped. If bound, add some minigame like in Content Consumer's Alternate Start if you choose to start in the thalmor prison.


Your challenge is to simply escape from the place using whatever method you have. You probably have some "inter-dimensional storage" to store the spare equipment, probably conjure daedra, burnt the kindapper because you're an archmage in Winterhold college, or simply transform into a werewolf. Afterall, bandits are stupid and they didn't know who they actually kidnap and paid their crimes. This way, getting strong in the game actually means something while keeping the adult content intact. If you ended up being defeated, personally I'd let SL Defeat do the rape scene and post-scene rather than being hardcoded into a sex scene if you tried to escape.


Speaking of which, I'm also aware that there is SL Kidnapped Redux for LE, but it was already a year ago I played in LE and I forgot what did the mod actually do.



If anyone have any idea on what mod to add, let me know. I'm mainly play on SSE, but mentioning LE mods is fine.

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I know there are some magic wand mods on Skyrim Oldrim(I use SE with requiem btw) but I want something help you to cast whole spells with wand..I mean all perks still useful but you just use wand as in harry potter ..


I really want to learn moding for this idea and nagini..I want to create something like that but I have never done that before so IDK how to modding..Even basic things..


My idea is using wands with whole spells with new animations for all spell spesificly..I want to use wand whole game with benefits from perks.. OFC with animations..I mean destruction spells with diffrent animations and restorations with diffrent..Actually it would be awesome to do something similiar harry potter movie..


Another one is making nagini as a follower with new animation and meshes..I dont know is it possible but making things like attack animations as a snake for nagini would be awesome..

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This. ^^ I love (hate) mods that actually make sense lore-wise and are a direct consequence of your actions affecting the world of Skyrim and not just senseless rape for the pleasure of the player.   I'm searching for some good mods myself as well.   Maybe Succubus Heart could be tied to Sanguine's Debauchery but no lore has been established yet.  Then again, TES could have a much larger lore to it than we realize as long as Bethesda continues to expand upon it. 

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Hi a beginner to skyrim modding here. Tried a few stuff out myself and got a simple ENB, cbbe and sexlab.


However, its really hard to achieve results thats found on the "eastern side" of skyrim. Like the stuff the Japanese and koreans could pull off.


Is there a way to find how some of them do it?


For example, these sex positions, the hairstyle, the shaders/or textures, and her pregnant body from this link:



Thanks in advance!

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 Hello. I just recently download and start playing SSE. I still prefer playing Oldrim but I figure I will give SSE a try since it has a lot more mods now, there is even some new outfit mod that is SSE exclusive. What body mod do you recommended for SSE? The current popular combination I see is CBBE SE Physics and HDT SPM for clothes.

I'm using UUNP in Oldrim and always prefer UNP over CBBE. I know there is UNP shape in Bodyslide for CBBE SE but it still not exactly match the read UNP body.

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SE version of CBBE is better then Oldrim. More polygons. CBBE is also more practical. Bodyslide, morphs.


"Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder". So pick your own poison.


Personaly i'd like CBBE boobs and UNP butt :)


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You can use UNP sliders inside of this version: by that way you can simulate an unp-body, one for the upper-body, one for the lower body. The sliders are more better with new parameters, you can also simulate vanilla style-merge all together-how you like.

This mod can also be used to be working in oldrim, as well the suiting race menu. This makes sense, if you do not like to miss HDT pe and this new more higher polied-body.

Anyway has the head/face the same poly amount like before !!!

You can of course add a different default shape to this software, like on every BS-software-means, if you want other shapes to play, you can add them by a new slider or add them as reference-body. By that way you can simulate your prefered shape into skyrim.

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You can always convert the meshes from Skyrim to SE use via a converter provided on the Nexus.


For the most part any modding done on SE is an LE port.

Don't expect your going to be suddenly impressed by a body type when almost no effort was done by modder transferring said outfit to SE.

If you liked something in LE your still going to like it in SE,

Only thing that seems different to base decision on is SMP may be more available so look for the new selling points.

DeserterX is still making UNP based outfits in SE, with SMP....Think about that.


Go with your taste on SE nothing is really stopping you.

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