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Lovers Hiyoko Shooter - Dukky Version

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Thanks for the mod. I really like you give dialogues to the children. But, can I request a feature? It would be nice if there is a spell to summon a selected hiyoko children to the player character. I really like this feature in mad companionship spells but there are some conflicts with this mod. 

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TO D-2.9


Yeah, I'm still around and kicking.  But it may be a while.  PC and RL issues.  DO NOT ARCHIVE MY STUFF!!!!


I performed a necessary correction to Hiyoko Shooters... In that asking a child to stay lasts but for a time.  Some time ago when I performed some cleaning to the original HiyokoClub master system, I added a script that removed the 'package' that forced the child to follow its parent< including the player.  My 'no follow' package instead makes the intended target (the child) to follow itself.  The update to Hiyoko Shooters now includes this where it is needed, within all movement commands save for 'Follow Mommy/Daddy' or 'Keep up with me'


The Text Extension is no longer a needed add-on.  It is now built in.  Now during labor, the system ensures that no sex dialog happens during labor, instead showing text of the mother grunting in pain as she gives birth.



To tuntuncs:   I was actually THINKING that... maybe a 'Birth Certificate' journal for the player for His/Her-Only children.  Dunno how right now

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Thankies!  I was lost in OBLIVION ....

Well, I lost OBLIVION actually.  I just got MOST of my stuff up again.  And my net service hates me, making the ReCaptcha to log in non-functional  Reset Password worked as a bypass... hopefully will keep me logged in for a time until the internet service gets its act together.


OH, I have another Hiyoko Shooter in the works, fixing some issues I have with un-enslaving non-slave slave children.  It should be uploaded Saturday when it is prepped.

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TO  v D-3.0


For what I'm doing, I again revised the No-Slave-Break features for LoversSlaveTrader, or at least for my edited version of LST.  But it should help keep children from being broken during labor, as well as the mother.


And... I cleaned up some of the code.

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