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WickedWhims v165e [2021-06-10]

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38 minutes ago, jabs27 said:

Whats the strip-club feature going to be like? Cant find information about it here

Strip Clubs are still in works, not everything is set in stone, and the initial concept changed quite a bit already. Once I actually have everything shaped in a way I find playable, there will be a post that covers all the information about it.

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On 9/11/2019 at 6:26 PM, EsperMagicite said:

So what is up with these new sims appearing? her name is Princess Gross O.o? if I cam around the heard face she has no face and just floating teeth.



Most likely caused by a secondary mod that modifies WickedWhims. You can clear these kind of Sims by running the 'ww.fix' command.

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On 9/11/2019 at 4:50 PM, simuser4 said:

@TURBODRIVER  Any new major updates coming soon? 😬

Can't say soon, the next one is major enough that it's taking twice as long to finish and then there probably will be plenty more to add to it.

Once I'm done with it I will come back to regular updates. I would like to come back to some older features that are still awaiting improvements.

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On 9/12/2019 at 2:18 PM, ikrazy87 said:

Hi! First time posting in this thread so first let me say thanks for all the hard work and dedication that's gone into this mod. My game is legitimately unplayable without it. I haven't played in several months and after updating my game I opened my mods folder to start the update process with my mods only to find that all of my mods are missing. After downloading them all again and weeding through the broken stuff I started a new game and immediately noticed something different with my female sims. All of their breasts look strange to me. They all look banana shaped now where they used to be a bit more rounded. Has the breast shape for this mod changed? Is there a mod any of you would recommend to get that softer, more rounded breast shape I'm looking for?

https://luumiasims.com/ccpage this guy have epic mods to create any  body shape  that you want. but  common problem with weird breats shapes is caused by default bodies replacements. for example on eve bodies  you need to reshape every breast manually to get rounded effect, on this case  sliders are  the best mods to correct that shapes.

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9 hours ago, MagnusMagus said:

I've updated the latest version and now there is no sex interaction between adult and teen.  Teen can only have sex with teen now. Is it my setting problem or the new version has banned sex interaction between teen and adult/young adult?

If you have the patreon version you need this...Adult/teen sex is disabled for legal reasons on patreon…..


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Howdy @TURBODRIVER, a minor (?) feature request.   Add in times a male will get hard times if they are bottomless outside of WW animations.

Some suggestions:

  • Give a short duration during some romance events, like passionate kiss.
  • Give if very flirty / high desire and talking to someone they have a romantic relationship with.
  • Watching sex, if flirty or moderate desire.
  • When flashed, if flirty, moderate desire, or romantic relationship.
  • Seeing someone nude, for some combo of flirty, desire, and romance with that person.


Your mod is what makes Sims still worth playing, thanks for all your hard work!

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I don't want to tie up this thread so if someone is willing to shoot me a message, this is my current situation. I have never played sims before and was tempting to give it a go. I don't know if you buy the game outright or if you still have to subscribe after purchase or you don't have to buy the game if you pay subscription or what. Also of course I would like to make sure I would have what I need for Lovers Lab's Wicked Whims. Is it compatible with add-ons such as the magickal realm? Anybody interested in pointing me in the right direction to get started would be greatly appreciated.

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