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WickedWhims - 18 November 2018

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1 hour ago, MickCasanova said:

This issue was mentioned earlier in this thread. In short, it appears directly related to WW and having the "Simology" button open to the "Public Image" tab.  I was having this issue. Someone mentioned it in passing so I decided to check it out. I noticed that whenever the "Simology" button was open to the "Public Image" tab, and I started WW, my game would "soft crash". I'd have to kill the process because the game just froze. As long as I didn't have that button open to that tab, my game didn't freeze. I guess I just never realized how much I was playing with that particular tab open. Just something to be aware of.

That was actually the problem I had experienced as well.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention and helping me resolve this issue!  I really appreciate your assistance.

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