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Hey, i reloaded this old mod and i was feeling it has something missing with the Leash Game so i added some new things to it.

Only roughly tested but it works for me (on SE)


During the Leash game is now an additional Ingamebased Timer (default 2 h)

After this cooldown you have a chance to get an additional device equiped (default 20%) or the Leash holder wants to have some fun with you (default 25%).

The equipment is progessive => Armcuffs, Legcuffs -> Collar ... until you are fully equiped.

There is also a debug Key (default F10) which equips the next Item. The Debug key is usefull if you do not like the random selcted device, so just remove it (for example with the debug actions from another mod) and press the Debug Key again.


All Settings are just global vars. so you can balance it as you want


/Edit: Forgot to mention: The patch is for DD5.0 + only due the usage of the new Random device mechanic



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Is this a patch to the 2.06 version on the 1st page or the 3.02 on page 29 in this thread?

Reason for asking is that the dfwsupport.esp is substantially smaller so not sure if I'm removing other content.


Great that you have looked into improving this. Still a great favourite of mine!


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Im using this version in SSE (CAO port) yesterday evening 2.06but my leashgame didnt work at all ... The leash didnt support or trigger the ai support so that my charakter got yanked from the carriagedriver at whiterun until elviras workshop. Shouldnt the ai take over if ai support is activated?


Is legume planning on reviving this mod or is it more like unconciius in the Water and in danger of drowning?

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hasn't been an update for a while. on a different note. i have been using 3.02 on SE for over 6 months without major issues. for the most part it works without issues. there are some annoyances i've noticed but not any game breaking ones. i don't use DD5, only 4.3. so i cannot answer how this will behave with DD5 at all.


i hope though Legume or someone comes along to fix / update 3.02 to a more stable and consistent behaviour.

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2 hours ago, Baltasarr80 said:

Ok than i will try it later when im not in break and test it with my version in sse. I am using DD 5.0 right now so i will see what would happen in SE and with DD 5.0 :)


good luck. i haven't upgraded to DD5 as of yet, so i have no idea how well it would behave at all, or if it will even work. i hope it does.

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What i am definitily missing is that your slaver just walks up and down (thats what he did with me nothing else and what i thought would happen right at the beginning would be that he at least would collar me but nope hethreatens to gag me but just yanks the leash and nothing more. well i will try it again ;-). But it at the very least works with sse and DD 5.0 SE

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Check the settings and make sure you do a force MCM upgrade in both the framework and DFWS (which should be found within the MCMs - there's 2).


You should get additional restraints, removal of weapons, being taken to a shop to sell all your stuff, and sometimes taken to blacksmith (if already wearing devices) to have them removed as well as periodically being solicited.  You can also get 'kept' where you are forced to crawl, kneel etc.. and you have hotkeys to change those positions


There should be content for being put in different furnitures and being forced to make items (if you have sufficient skill) - The code appears to be there but sadly never been able to experience it.


Depending on the follower does seem to affect which bits are triggered, I'm trying it with DD5.0, and whilst having seen all the above yet, it appears to be working as with DD4.x

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actually, that's one of the things that glitches a bit in 3.02.


IF you have no restraints on at the time you are "lasso'd", the slaver will talk with you, threaten you, and walk up to you and look at you and walk away. you will never get restrained at all. it's missing something in the code for this to initialize properly in this one specific scenario.


IF you have any type of restraint, doesn't matter what it is, then you'll start getting restraints added one by one.


the one annoying thing i found is the sex proposition. it makes no sense when the other slaver or the slave in your "chain gang" walks up to the slaver and asks if they can buy sex with the PC lol. but it's a minor annoyance.



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Well that is something i can look over... i mean the slaver says that he wants to train me to be a good slave soooo if someone walks up to him .... i can work with that because i am HIS/HER property and he or she can do whatever he/she wants. But yeah ... i Think it would be realistic if he throws the leash around your neck the leashcollar should be equipped and from there you should get the nessecary collars or devious items

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