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On 10/16/2020 at 5:42 AM, BlueBerryCaffe said:


I do like this mod very much :)

Was wondering about plugs training... Basically butt plugs are not toys that should be wore for long periods. So i was wonder about somekind of... incontinence lol :)

Pee & Fart synergy maybe :)? So without a butt plug when "trained enough" (lol) PC might sh** herself sometimes even when bowels filling level is low (plus of course the P&F debuff if no toilet paper or water nearby or farting incontrollably maybeh at low training levels) 
For the vaginal... well it's a bit more difficult. Cum automatic leaking after sex... PC is stressed when not filled (debuff?)... plugs can slip out easilly ... 


Well... that were just thoughts ... what do you think :)? 

Actually, the science behind butt plugs shows that wearing one for multiple hours per day will actually strengthen the anal sphincter.  It only becomes an incontinence problem if you were to wear one for multiple days non-stop.  And even then, unless it was for longer than a couple of weeks, the muscles will recover rather quickly.  I suspect it would be similar for vaginal plugs as well, so long as the dildo or plug is not too wide.

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8 minutes ago, AnnaShapard said:


I can't help with that, but wouldn't that a better question for the Slaverun support topic?

Although I fear DT3 doesn't play nice with the SRR custom devices (I got constant register/nu-register messages from DT3 with the odd SRR devices on SRR unique slaves)


You can try in ZAP MCM to activate player AI control again. This would give the last mod that wants to control your PC the chance to continue it's scene, but I'm not sure if it saves the SRR dialogue.

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On 5/14/2020 at 9:45 PM, Jahn_Doe said:

Hi, couldn't seem to find anything related to this issue but when I try using the shouts (pony/blind), nothing happens, the character shouts for a second before going back to normal with nothing equipped. What could be the cause of this problem? I do have Improved Shouts mod but that should only affect vanilla shouts right?


I'm also having this issue with DT 3.1 LE, and I don't have any other shout mods installed.

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hi hi, first of all, i love the mod, but the issue ive been having is that i got the boot training to lover, but the feet arent "deforming" i just have normal feet when i unequip boots, i was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?

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On 12/1/2020 at 6:16 PM, Baltasarr80 said:

Is Devious Training compatible with the new Cursed Loot / Devious devices?

It appears to be.  I have not tested all the devices, but the ones I've encountered so far work.


17 hours ago, mamara said:

hi hi, first of all, i love the mod, but the issue ive been having is that i got the boot training to lover, but the feet arent "deforming" i just have normal feet when i unequip boots, i was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?

I have that issue, but I don't mind, so I haven't said anything before.

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Did the trial and error before coming here to ask, but I've narrowed down to this. When my PC get hit or body changes in the least, body turns blue. I disabled both marks options in the Mayhem module since Slavetats seems buggy, but it seems to continue to ignore that I've turned off those options. Anyone know a fix? I know reloading your game fixes it, but it's annoying to reload every time I get hit.

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I would really like to use this mod, cause some of the features are really nice. But this facial expression reset 'feature' every 5-10 seconds is too annoying for me, to put this mod into my load order.

If someone or the mod creator could fix this, this mod would be a staple in all my mod lists.

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On 1/16/2021 at 8:23 AM, Bushi Neko said:

My only thing of note.. and I have loved this on LE and here on SSE... is the script load is HUGE. :(  
Way huge


Yea, I found that I pretty much have to hit tilde ` whenever loading a game to give it time to load, or it likes to crash.


There has to be a way to reduce the script load but scripting isn't my thing.  At least some things could probably poll a lot less frequently.

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function addAchievementItems(int slot)
	if isBlindSlutConditionLite(slot) == true
		if DTActor.npcs_ref[slot].hasSpell(DTStorage.DT_Achievement_BlindSlut)==false


Ok, python isn't really my thing.  But I was trying to understand how the script works and I ran into this rather early.  Doesn't the return right there basically exit the function so the rest never happens?

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Ok, I was looking at the script and one of the problems I've been having is my bikinis are getting treated as devious devices stretching out her neck and compressing her breasts etc.  On reviewing the scripts I see there is a check for DT2Config.ddkeywords[]  But the array wasn't populated in the script source or the CK.


I made an esp where I populated the keyword array so the check should work now.  Can I upload it here?

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Can someone tell me what the difference between normal, martyr and mayhem is? The current version I have now doesn't seem to make arched feet, smaller waists, etc. So I'm guessing I installed something incorrectly. I'm on LE, by the way

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