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[Sims 3] Oniki's Kinkyworld FAQ

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15 hours ago, landess said:


No. They will always 'try', but by adjusting the privacy settings - one can get them to 'think twice', find someplace private, or stop if somebody see's them. Of course if one has always accept 'ON' - um yeah. . . . . 




Yes. This is known. Find either an older or newer build - 399 is notorious for this. Not sure exactly when it was bug fixed, so one may need to get a version in the mid to final 400's.


I got the newer 400 mod, but its still broken. Is there a way to see which versions are out? I see only 2.

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Posted (edited)

@landess, I won't post the package directly, but when (sorry, forget who posted the info originally) provided the link, I checked it and it appears fully from Oniki and not Captain Sparrow! ))) Nothing from any moderators, so it looks good. Folks need to search the already posted Technical help pages, although I may need to re-title the page???


And... just edited the page title so hopefully, more people will see it, get the new version and everyone will be on the same page with questions and issues!

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more info
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2 hours ago, Salamanerd said:

Yes, thats the version I got. I upgraded from 399. It still wont let me use the PC even without conflicts.


Who knows if the script from 399 is messing with your save?


Did you try replacing the computers?


I actually have a mod that STOPS Sims from autonomously playing games on the PC myself. I found that annoying years ago and figure I can get them a game system for the TV if I really want them to play video games while KW is installed. You could always buy an 'Arcade game' (the stand up one, not the '2 player' sit down one) as KW has a 'join' option for sex with anyone using one . . . .



>>> Depending on what is going on currently in your game (Brothels, KW High School, etc.) One can always do a PROPER uninstall, make a new save. Reload the game, load that 'clean save' and reinstall KW . . . . .





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7 hours ago, Salamanerd said:

Yes, thats the version I got. I upgraded from 399. It still wont let me use the PC even without conflicts.

There is something else going on, and as @landess says, your save may have been corrupted by 399. Try buying new computers first... or cheat replace. Then maybe Nraas reset town. Still no, then start a new game and check.


Perhaps I need to also add to my page that an imperfection with Delphy's Dashboard and conflicts is that sometimes it gives false positives and false negatives. A false positive that I experience was that a vampire mod I installed cause the status bars to go blank on my Plumbots. Completely unrelated things, but the vampire mod tuned an xml for social, which is the same for all sims, and so effected the Plumbots and caused the problem.


You may have some mod in your game that is basically a perfectly safe mod, not seen as an issue by Dashboard that does conflict with something in the KW script. To check for that, you will need to remove everything from your mods folder EXCEPT KW, start a new game and test it. 

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3 hours ago, LadySmoks said:

effected the Plumbots and caused the problem.


While these issues are uncommon, they sure do exist. I guess either: The Creators made the mods before the final patching and/or Expansion Packs were released, or they never owned all the EP's to begin with.


The best example I have which was mentioned previously is that 'Mummy's walk normally' which was made before the Seasons EP released causing all Sims to 'Walk' instead of Roller/Ice Skate. I did check the date on that mod and was able to confirm it WAS made before Seasons released. The creator never returned to update the mod - and I don't know if it's even possible to fix as it may affect certain XML's for 'Sim Movement' just as you describe with the Plumbots Status Bars.

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1 hour ago, landess said:

I guess either: The Creators made the mods before the final patching and/or Expansion Packs were released, or they never owned all the EP's to begin with.

Something simpler... you just can't test every scenario possible, and every possible mod combination... and yes, maybe that mod creator didn't have ITF. As with many TS3 issues, it was an old problem and I found the answer in a thread from (maybe) 2013 or 2014? This is one of those times I defend Oniki, as she can't test KW against ever other mod combination possible. I know I have different things happening in my game from you, simply as I'm sure we have a few different mods running.


Some EA xml's are ridiculously huge, and eyes go cross searching for what you want to change! Even just figuring out which, if any will do what you want is a task. Another recent search concerning theater movie times lead me to another old MTS thread. I got the xml name from there, and can play with it. But there was some other xml question that came up, and even Cmar wasn't sure about it (at that time).


As I say, the thing about Dashboard, and relying on it to show a "conflict" is that a modded xml is not a conflict. The xml belongs in the game and has purpose... and probably only one or two lines of what may be 20 to 100 lines was rewritten to change a specific behavior. Then, a person gets another mod foe something else, for a different behavior, but turns out the same xml was rewritten, and the game will only use one. No conflict, just load order. These can be harder to find! So, I want people to be aware of such possibility.


Oh... also ITUN's get modded! All found in Gamedata.   NEVER ALTER ANY FILES IN C:PROGRAMS


MY DISCLAIMER!!! Anyone can try to mod an xml or ITUN using s3pe and notepad, BUT NEVER ALTER YOUR GAME FILES! Drag a copy of the Gamedata or any folder in TS3 to a workshop folder you create, and make any changes you wish to the copies. ))) Mess those up, you make another copy. Mess up the files in C:Programs and you are reloading your game to get new ones made! There are tutorials online on modding xml's. )))


@landess, like you, more for informing others than about what you wrote. )))

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16 minutes ago, LeonS22 said:

Hello , can u help me ? Why my Sims female always have fertile period warning?

As you are a newbie and have supplied basically zero information for anyone to give specific help, it must be assumed you have a basic issue of having not looked through the Kinky World settings or debug menus. They are accessed by simply clicking on your sim. You will see among the normal items in the pie menu, some Kinky World items... settings and debug. Harley says to start going through the menus and sub-menus, as your answer is there... and probably the answer to your next 10 or 20 questions as well. 


After the top 4, each of the items, and several which require you to scroll down, have sub-menus with multiple settings options. Some even have sub-sub-menus. YOU will need to look at each possible setting and make adjustments to fit your playing style. Granted, it's not so clear as to exactly what each does, but experimenting is the best way to learn. 


My understand of KW didn't happen overnight, and I am still finding out things! If you learn to fish on this easy one, the harder ones will be less of a challenge as well. But, if you are still stuck after going through the menu and checking a few settings, pop back and be sure to tell which version of KW you have, which Nraas mods, and what you tried so we can narrow down the possible issues.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hopefully this thread isn't archived/completely dead... I've been having a very persistent problem with Oniki's Kinkyworld (I'm pretty sure that it's the problem? What else could be it?)


List of the relevant files that I'll be mentioning (I have more, including all the files for the Kinkyworld mod, plus some animation mods. The only body mods I have are CMAR and CMAR only. I only have ONE SET of body mods.)


I cannot, for the LIFE of me, get the dicks to work. I don't know why this has been such a persistent problem (been with me for several months, but it's just an issue I really want to fix so this is my last effort to find help outside of myself) I reinstalled Kinkyworld, updated it to 399, removed any mods that might have even REMOTELY conflicted with the nude male skin that I have from CMAR, and it's still an issue. (i have map 2v2 if that matters?) The website says that if you don't have the get hard/get soft options or whatever, there's something wrong with the scripts or installation but that didn't help me at all. I reinstalled CMAR's morphing penis mod several times and nothing changed. (Have deleted cache files multiple times as well to clean things and it didn't matter)


Sims will just not get hard. They just engage in sex with completely flaccid dicks :| Huge turn off, kinda lame. 

If literally ANYONE has any suggestions, tell me.


To reiterate:

I reinstalled all my mods, including the entire game already. This did nothing to fix the issue.

I only have CMAR body mods installed. Nothing else. (The Get Hard etc. options are not there)

Other penis mods BESIDES CMAR's morphing penis mod didn't even show up on the Sim's bodies. This is the only compatible one I can find for some unknown reason.


If you need it for whatever reason, here is a full list of the mods I have installed. It's not very many; I deleted almost everything I had to try and fix/narrow down this issue. It didn't help. Side note that the Fertile map tag tracking for 399 doesn't work properly? The dialog box of "Don't worry, i'm not even near ovulation yet..." always pops up whenever my Sim or dog wanders. That's not rly something that bothers me though; can just turn the tag off.


I'm losing my mind over limp dicks, guys :( please help me... 

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1 hour ago, Allynon said:

Hopefully this thread isn't archived/completely dead...

Neither. First things first... 399 was crap. Go to my help page here, and follow the link to Oniki's public release of final build 409. I and most I know have been using it, and basically stable. Not 100% perfect, but not too bad. May even fix whatever issue you have, as 399 was crap.


Don't know if 399 will cause the limp problem, but if you do not have the correct parts and script from Cmar's blog, then nothing will work, so be 100%% sure you have the correct items. A long page and a PITA to go thru, but the only way. I do not play futa, and do not know if you do, but if you do not have the correct items for THAT as well, it will not work, and I am pretty certain they are different, as it is a female bottom, and NOT the accessories!


So, my big advice is to install 409 first and make sure you have the correct stuff from Cmar, and see how it goes.


OY! Remove those text files from your Packages folder. Only packages go in there. And Go to Lady666's page and download her KW animations, NOT "AW". Not the reason the penis does not work, but still can cause some issue.

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On 9/14/2021 at 10:02 PM, LadySmoks said:

but if you do not have the correct parts and script from Cmar's blog 

I don't know what you, or what CMAR means, when they say this ;-; I already said I'm confused by what this means.... Does it LOOK like I have missing scripts or files for it?? I downloaded every single relevant link (i only have one skin map, not both)

I downloaded the files that I was supposed to. Why would something be missing? Especially after I deleted and reinstalled the same files (after completely removing them from my computer and redownloading them from the source) several times over? I do not understand what you want me to do here. Can you expand on this somehow? Why would I be missing something if I downloaded all the files that I needed? You can already see which mods I've got for CMAR... What is this mod folder SUPPOSED to look like, if I'm actually missing something??? I am seriously confused by this answer :( Please explain like I'm 4. 

I'm not new to modding at all, but it makes no sense to me why files would be missing each and every time I reinstall, when I've reinstalled the mod I don't know how many times now!

(Btw, upgrading to 409 did not solve my bug T_T)


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On 5/19/2016 at 5:44 AM, Wicked Loveth said:

Hello All,


I've been thinking about creating this for a long time! While Oniki's Kinkyworld Reference Guide and Maraas' Guide have a wealth of information, I still see the same questions repeated a lot in the Kinkyworld Download Thread. Please check the Reference Guide and Maraas' guide before asking a question, chances are the information you're looking for is there.


This FAQ will not cover computer or coding issues so please don't look for answers to those types of questions here, I'm no expert! I will also not be covering the cc you need to get your Sims out of censored pelvis area bumping. I won't be covering cc at all! I've provided some tips for cc in the Tip section. This FAQ is strictly about the Mod (and it's animations in relation to the mod. If you are experiencing difficulties with animations stuttering, looping, and/or stopping please kindly direct those questions to their respective thread owners.  :angel: )


If you have a question (or know of one!) that is not listed here, please post it below or send me a PM (preferably with the answer) and I will update this post.


Troubleshooting Tips


  Reveal hidden contents


> Be sure to extract Oniki's files into your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Mods > Packages folder. It is recommended to create a new folder in that directory. You can name it KW or whatever you wish.


> When updating Oniki's Kinkyworld, load up your game and click on a Sim. Kinky > Settings > Uninstall Kinkyworld. Wait a few minutes, save, and exit. Go into Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Mods > Packages > KW and delete the kinkyworld files.  You can keep the animation files. Go into Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 and delete your cache files. ONLY the Cach files. Extract the new, updated zip file. It's best to create a new game, but test your save and see if it survived.


> Alfiechan's Passion Mod conflicts with Kinkyworld. No surprise as they are essentially the same thing. It's up to you to decide which mod you want to use.


> Files to clear out:

  • Whenever you install a new mod, delete the Cache files from the Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 folder. ONLY the Cache files.
  • You can delete the files from the DCBackup folder as these are just duplicate files that you don't need. DO NOT delete the ccmerged file unless you want to redownload every thing you've ever installed through the launcher again. You have been warned!
  • Clear out the Featured Items folder also as those are just thumbnails for store items.

> Before you delete freaking everything and reinstall the game from scratch, try this method. It has a 90% success rate.


1. If you followed the #1 Tip, then revert to a backup. If you haven't, see step 2. This is also a great opportunity to organize your Mods if you have not done so already. I can't stress how important that is. At the very least organize your CC by type - clothing, hair, objects, mods. Always keep your mods separate from everything else. If something goes wrong, you want to be able to remove them all and put them back in to quickly and painlessly find the problem mod.

2a. Copy/paste the entire Sims 3 folder into a new location, let's say Desktop. Rename the The Sims 3 folder to TS3 Backup.

2b. OR  Ctrl + click and select the Mods folder, the UserPresets file, the Saves folder, SavedSims, and the DCCache folder. Put them in a folder and name it TS3 Backup.

  • Note: the UserPresets file stores everything you've done in CAS like custom patterns, colors, custom outfit colors, walls, floors, etc. etc.) so you definitely want to keep this. I always make a back up of it and put it somewhere safe after I run the game for an extended period of time.
  • Saves, DCCache are optional but if you have a custom world attached to your saves, you'll need to re-install the world (even if you copy the DCCache folder) via the launcher.
  • DCCache is where all of the content you've installed via the launcher is kept. If you don't mind reinstalling that stuff, then don't copy it.

3. Delete the Sims 3 folder from Documents > Electronic Arts

4. Start the Launcher and a new The Sims 3 folder will be automatically generated. Run the game, make sure it's working OK and then exit.

5. Remember the Back Up folder? This is where that comes in. You want to move the folders back into the brand spanking shiny new TS3 folder.

6. Install Kinkyworld first. Put it into it's own folder in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Mods > Packages. Run the game, install Kinkyworld. If nothing bad happens (i.e. freezing or crashing) great! Kinkyworld is not the problem. You can no begin to add your mods until you find the conflict. But, if something bad did happen, then oh no! Kinkyworld was the problem. Be sure you are running the latest version of the game. Kinkyworld requires at least version 1.67.

  • Note, this method has a 90% success rate, the other 10% will most likely require an uninstall/reinstall deal.



Best Practices


  Reveal hidden contents


> Periodically create a copy of your TS3 folder when everything is in working order and BEFORE you install any major mods like Kinkyworld or Passion or even NRaas Story Progression. Going into Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 and copy/pasting the entire folder in a safe location (on the desktop or a hard drive). Some mods are fine if you break your game and remove them but some mods are not -- they can bork your entire directory so save it, save it, SAVE IT. You should do this when dumping in large amounts of CC like clothes, hair, skin, objects, etc. etc.


> Save frequently. Save after editing your Sims clothing. Save after editing their house. Or save every other Sim night at midnight Sim time. If you run into the dreaded Error Code 12 when saving, pause the game and move your POV over a large body of water, away from buildings and Sims, and try to save there. If that doesn't work, use NRaas Master Controller to make another household active, preferably one with 1 Sim. You should be able to save successfully then.


> Exit the game often. The Sims 3 is not meant to run for more than 2-4 hours at a time. If I have problems saving or experience hard freezes, it's usually when I've been running the game for more than 5 hours. I don't get it as often as I used to (hence the best tips list lol). 


Merge package files using S3PE (here's a tutorial). You can merge package files using a different program but I only use S3PE.


  Reveal hidden contents

You may not be able to merge all of your files (you should merge them by type anyway and be sure to name them accordingly including the date. If you happen to install more CC and run into issues, you'll be able to find the right file without having to delete all the files), but a dozen large files are better than a thousand. Merging cc makes the game load much more quickly. The tutorial goes over keeping your files even after you've merged them but let me stress the point as well. Keep your unmerged cc. If something conflicts or something is corrupted, you'll have delete the merged file and re-merge the rest of it. This is also why I suggest naming the merged file with a date. My merged files look like: Clothing_120104 Hair_132805, Objects141301 for Clothing cc I merged on April 1, 2012, hair cc I merged on May 28, 2013, and objects I merged on January 13, 2014. The individual files I put into those merged files are in folders on my hard drive. My Passport > TS3 > Merged CC > Hair > Date. Honestly -- since I haven't run into any problems 4 years later (for the stuff I merged back in 2012) I've deleted those files but I have copies of the merged file.





Misc Tips


  Reveal hidden contents


> If you are experiencing a lot of lag in CAS, use Master Controller to compact the items that are loaded in CAS. In an active game, click on City Hall or a computer or laptop and select NRaas > Settings > CAS and select the following: show in compact form: clothing, accessories, hats.


> Everyone has their own best practices but I recommend running only a handful of E/SPs at the same time. Some EPs are heavy and cause major lag, culprits include Pets and Seasons. I would recommend running one or the other in combination with other E/SPs.


> When using Kinkyworld or NRaas Story Progression or any mod that globally affects the way the game is handled, play in a small world like Lucky Palms (which I find personally perfect for Kinkyworld--once I add in a few night clubs), or any small, custom world with a small amount of Sims.


> If you have the extra space, keep any sims 3 pack file you download. You never know when cc goes poof in the event of having to reinstall CC or reinstalling the entire game. I would suggest converting any sims 3 pack file into a package using S3PE (there's another program that does this but I only use S3PE. ONLY CONVERT: clothing, hair, objects. NEVER convert patterns or lots. Converting patterns will break CAS. Lots are just not for converting.




Note, I've put the answers behind spoiler tags to save space. 


Now, onto the questions! ^_^




Q. Hi! Whenever I direct my Sims to Woohoo I get the message "no stage found." Help?


  Reveal hidden contents

A. Hello there. This means you did not install the animation packages. Make sure you have extracted the animation files (you may want to put them wherever you have the Kinkyworld Mod placed. Load up the game and go into Live Mode. Once there, click on your Sim. Select > Kinky > Animations and input the animation name. For example: kw_lady666_animations



Q. Why won't my Sims woohoo when I tell them to?!


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A. They're probably not in the mood. Click on your Sim. Kinky > Debug > AlwaysAccept ON. If you don't have the debug option: Kinky > Settings > Miscellaneous > Debug



Q. Oh no! What have I done? My Sims stand in the middle of the bed instead of sleeping!


  Reveal hidden contents

A. Don't panic. Your Sim is simply horny. Either set their state to normal OR make them go have sex.



Q. Do you know why there are no rapists in my game?


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A. Possibly. Click on a Sim. Kinky > Settings > Services > Rapist set enabled True. It is set to False by default. This is true for the other service Sims as well.



Q. Okay, I followed your advice but my Sim still hasn't been raped!


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A. Did you adjust the Chance percentage? Go back into Kinky > Settings > Services > Rapist and increase the numerical value for chance from 10 to... oh 50.



Q. My Sims' Woohoo only lasts for a minute, help?


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A. You have to change the duration settings. Click on a Sim. Kinky > Settings > Animations. Set the duration however long you wish. It is set to a minimum of 15 (Sim) minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes by default.

  • What also helps with this is installing Nraas Relativity. With that mod you can set the clock to go slower while the speed of the game stays  the same



Q. How do I make my Sim into a whore/callgirl/escort?


  Reveal hidden contents

A. Sims must have at least a level 1 in their Woohoo skill before they can start whoring, level 5 before they are able to be a Callgirl, and level 7 be an escort. You can do so via cheats (it's recommended to use the Nraas Master Controller to increase their Woohoo skill as doing so through the Kinky Debug menu may cause problems down the line) or your Sim can go Woohoo crazy! 

  • The same goes for Exhibitionism. Sims are shy creatures and just won't take their clothes off in front of strangers. You can increase their Exhibition skill via cheats or you can start them off by taking their clothes off at home...alone.
  • If your Sim is experiencing problems, i.e. can no longer whore properly, then reset them back to normal and use the Nraas Master Controller to increase the skill again.
  • In order to start whoring your sim must also have low household funds ~ Less than 2,500 simoleons. Having the Woohooer trait eliminates the funds requirement though.



Q. Can sims get pregnant from being raped?


  Reveal hidden contents

A. If your Sim is in the right phase of ovulation, yes.



Q. How do we know about Mod Updates? Where is it written? Can we have an alert/notification on this website/on a facebook page?
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A. Oniki updates the title of the Download thread in addition to the first page. That's always a good place to look for updates (same goes for pretty much all the downloads). You can subscribe to the thread. I don't think Oniki uses the download-thing on LL...yet


Q. In the future, do we just replace the old .package file with the new one, or is there any risk of version mismatch?
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A. Yes, there is a risk of mismatch. With the previous version of the public release of the mod, the ONIKI_vips.package file became obsolete. So if you just unzip the updated file in the location of the mod, it will only replace some of the files... and likely break your game.


Q. Does this mod work with the latest Origin updates?
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A. Yes. It works just fine with version 1.69 -- be sure to update all of your mods though, just in case.


Q. How do you initiate a threesome with this mod?
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A. Easily. | If your active Sim is going at it with another sim, click on a nearby Sim (or any sim for that matter) and select Kinky > Woohoo > Join; OR if your active Sim is watching Sims going at it, click on the pixel pretzel and select Kinky > Woohoo > Join; OR you can even have more than three Sims!


Q. My Sims' and their [insert relative] won't woohoo! 😧 Why?!
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A. You have to enable blood related in the Kinky Settings menu. This is disabled by default. Kinky > Settings > Bloodrelated Enabled.


Q. So I was trying to crank my Sims' gears by watching some KinkyTV but there's nothing there?
  Reveal hidden contents

A. Yes, Oniki didn't include actual content on the channels but never fear! You can find the Kinkyvideos here {click!}


Q. Help! My Sim's penis is [insert color here].
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A. You most likely have the wrong Cmar penis map installed. Try using map 2v2.


Q. Why isn't my Sim's body not aligned right?
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A. It's mostly like a bodymesh conflict. You either have two defaults or possibly no pregnancy mesh.


Q. My Sim's boobs are distorted. Any suggestions?
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A. It is most likely a braBikiniNude_fix and gecko`s top conflicts, Or possibly other default top conflicts. Take out possible default conflicts (tops/bottoms)  and the braBikiniNude_fix, the delete your cache files. You may have to go into CAS and change the affected sims one by one though, but new sims should not have the distorted breasts anymore.


Q. Where can I find the cannabis items?
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A. Sims can order cannabis products on the world wide Sims net. Click on a computer or laptop and select the Kinky option. It should direct you to where you need to go.


Q. My Sims are trying to do the nasty but I get an annoying popup about condoms. Where can I find them?
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A. Your Sim can order condoms online via the computer or your Sim can grab a box or two from the Grocery Store.


Q. Help me please. My game is bogged down with lag because of all the service Sims Kinkyworld dumps into my game.
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A. Sure, thing. Go into Kinky > Settings > Services and disable all of the services, that should cut down on the increase in Sims. Or you could play with one of them. Or play in small world. There are a few online -- just look for small custom worlds for the Sims 3. For me, the perfect world to go Kinky crazy in is Lucky Palms -- it's an EA world and you can add lots to it. Mine has a hotel and a couple of clubs and bars.


Q. My sim is trying to watch a live kinky show but every time I click on the laptop, there's no show! 😧
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A. Live shows require a host Sim. If there's a female Sim in your active household, click on the computer and select Kinky > Host Live Show. Nothing will appear on screen for other simmies but they will be able to watch now.


Q. Why won't my Sims go beyond teasing? They're horny, they get it going and then stop?
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A. With the new version, your Sim requires some athletic ability to go longer with sexy time. My favorite Callgirl sim is at level 3 in the Athletic skill and she's been able to do more than two positions while getting it on with her clients.




I am exhausted. It's 5:43 AM. I'm giving this a rest for now.


Send those questions and answers in! Good luck and Happy Simming! ^ ~


-- L.


With thanks to: OnikiKay, OregonRain2, Lovelybones19, JolieRouge, MaryJane, DeletedUsername, janyses, Maraas, Mr. Col, genericlogin, MaryJane & many other helpy helpertons!

do you know anything on how to fix the issue where the sims agree to woohoo but before they start they just boo eachother

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5 hours ago, Allynon said:

I don't know what you, or what CMAR means, when they say this ;-;

5 hours ago, Allynon said:

(Btw, upgrading to 409 did not solve my bug T_T)


The penis is several meshes. I never bothered to separate and group them, but several for tm, am and em... and whatever other you may use. Example is basic size, am flaccid, am basic size erect. Cmar made it so that the game will see the flaccid part as a default part of the am nude bottom, and automatically attach it to a nude am bottom. The script is what tells that flaccid part to become erect, and any state in between. Algorithms, similar to who fat, fit, thin, pregnant morphs work, move the part between the flaccid and erect mesh points. The script is what communicates with the game so that these instructions are displayed.


Before sending you to full restart 101, a few more things to look at. Get Delphy's dashboard tool on MTS and run it. That Buzz mod and the Treag one I'm not familiar with.


Another possibility is that you have a bad resource.cfg. My page has a link to mods folders which have them.


Next is a brand new game... 399 may have corrupted your old game, so it may be lost. Did you try a NEW game, not an existing saved game?


If still no good with a new game, sorry... next step sucks...


Rename your The Sims 3 folder to (backup), and just move it to desk top.

Start your game. The game will automatically generate a new folder. 

Use one of the links on my page to set up a new Mods folder... Packages, Overrides, resource,cfg

Copy and paste ONLY Kinky World packages, and 1 or 2 animations (be sure to have both KW_ and OKW_ packages) to the new Packages folder, and the Cmar packages. You can also install no intro, it is safe. The Nraas mods you have are generally safe with KW, but leave them out for now.

Start a NEW game and see if things work. Do NOT use an existing saved game, as it may be corrupt.



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Hm. Maybe try moving the Jonha Sliders to a temp folder somewhere, 

On 9/15/2021 at 2:22 AM, Allynon said:


List of the relevant files that I'll be mentioning (I have more, including all the files for the Kinkyworld mod, plus some animation mods. The only body mods I have are CMAR and CMAR only. I only have ONE SET of body mods.)



I googled the "Jonha sliders" and they seem to be from 2009 with a warning that it may have issues with Pets ... 

Maybe try moving those to a temp folder, and see if the game works then?


My reasoning is that if you reinstalled the same files, and got the error again, so maybe try with the bare minimum (and if that works, another slider set).




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3 hours ago, Yotix said:

I googled the "Jonha sliders" and they seem to be from 2009

Thing is that I have had those sliders (and a couple hundred more) in my game with Cmar's mod and do not have the same problem, so doubt it is those sliders... although, I do not have Pets, so have never looked for interaction issues with the sliders and Pets.


If the sliders and Pets are somehow messing with Cmar's mod, @Allynon might try doing a search for "One Euro Mutt sliders", or click my signature and go to the EDI bot page as I know I linked his page from there. I have many (not all) of his sliders.

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Everything works fine, but i have some hard time to register animations. Are there perhaps some that do not need to be registered?

Also, for whoring menu, i checked the preferred sex but that seems to have no impact. Is there a menu where you can specify the sex? I assume not, otherwise i probably seen it. But better be sure. :)


I am running Oniki 409 which seems the latest and last.

GameVersion = 


I have a bunch of animations but i am not sure if i "had" to register them all.

Anyway, better ask to be sure.


Thank you


p.s. edit #1

I found the animation answer in the forums. Dum Dum, i mixed all animations while thinking they are all the same. Mistake. So problem solved for this issue of mine.

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Hello, I downloaded the latest version of the mod. Although I have turned off the pregnancy function, my female sims is still in her menstrual period, and prompts pop up frequently in the game. Is there any way to solve it? Or is there any way to pass the menstrual period safely? Thanks!☺️

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On 9/19/2021 at 8:27 AM, Koren1020 said:

I do wish this mod would get revived in some way or another, lots of unfinished stuff i found feels like a pen needle and saddens me, wonder if the same would happen to mods for Sims4 when Sims5 is released?


The Sims 5 will probably be online only and won't accept player made mods the same as now so they can focus on selling you shit from their store. Being online only would allow EA to constantly update the game without 'adding' a thing so as to break existing player mods that would only change things similar to an MMO. No more script based mods - only the ability to replace specific files so things 'look' different and even those could get waylaid by a patch.   - But -  Yeah, if TS5 accepts player mods, you know many would run to establish themselves for that precious Patreon fix.


19 hours ago, Ammo code said:

Hello, I downloaded the latest version of the mod. Although I have turned off the pregnancy function, my female sims is still in her menstrual period, and prompts pop up frequently in the game. Is there any way to solve it? Or is there any way to pass the menstrual period safely? Thanks!☺️


I don't play with pregnancy or aging on, and I also get those menstrual cycle messages. I never bothered trying to turn them off, hide them, or manipulate it in any way other than make sure the settings had any pregnancy disabled and the map icons turned off. I've learned to be pretty good at ignoring that upper right notification tab that pops out - it does have some pretty useful information, and a lot of crap.


Since pregnancy isn't an issue, have you bothered opening all the menus found in that section and experiment?  >Such as make the cycles ridiculously long so you never get the change notices often? I like critical thinking - it helps solve issues.

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