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10 hours ago, Soronarr said:

@trehil - what is lost is all venues. So you'd have to re-create the brothel and probably the school



That said, the transformation potions are poorly balances. The Temporary ones are designed to be used frequntly, thus the material should be abdundant enough. Permanent ones are a different matter, but really making a temporary futa potion (for example) shouldn't really require very rare ores that you have no way of geeting


Is there even a way to use nraas to create or duplicate items?


I don't know about creating/duplicating items... nraas switched to a new page so their old interactions wiki isn't usable anymore unfortunately and not sure where to look exactly.


However what you could do is enable buydebug and put in the correct spawners in edit lot, which may not always get you the rare ore but if it's right next to your home it's at least a place to check daily.

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All well and good if all you want to do is watch sims woohooing, but KW seems to break things like the cue; adding things to the cue can cause termination of the current action, for example. And while it has no dream tree of it's own, the "Major Master" LTW has a dream tree that is noticeably broken with KW installed.

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Sorry if this has already been asked, but i'm trying to figure out how to change the public woohoo settings. My sims keep autonomously performing woohoo in the middle of parks and other public areas. I don't want to stop them being autonomous with woohoo, so is there a way to set a flag so that woohoo is only performed in private? I find it a bit unrealistic when my sims get it on in public and there's no negative consequences for it (such as the police arrest when a rape is witnessed).

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Is there any way to get Plant Sims pregnant? Or can they only "grow" their offsprings?


Also, since a few hours ago, the baby making jingle is playing on repeat all the time and I don't know what triggers it. I think it only appears when a Sim is in her ovulation phase, but I don't know for sure. I have OKW, Master Controller and Overwatch installed.

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Yeah, privacy settings seem to do nothing. Also age doesn't seem to affect wohoo desire/lust, but it should. 90-year old grannies shouldn't have a sex drive of teen

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I've read this whole FAQ and haven't seen any references to this:  My Sims are in the same household and are RI.  Before installing KW they would sleep in the same bed, but now they won't.  Also, they'll get it on all over the house, but not in the bed.


If I create another bed for one sim to sleep in they'll do it in the bed.


Edit - FYI:  I deleted the NRaas_Woohooer, NRaas_Woohooer_Scoring, and NRaas_WoohooerKamaSimtra packages, and they are sleeping in the same bed again.  Not sure which is causing the conflict, but all is well.

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Great mod and thank you for your all efforts.


One thing i wonder; sims with cuckold traits still suffer from cheating effects if they see their partner with other sims. Is it supposed to be like this ?


Do i have to turn off "Jealousy" with global settings ? I can do that but i don't want to make every sim in the game non-jealous.

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I was wondering if someone might be able to help me in regards to the Kinkyworld's rape option/interaction.

Whenever I click on SimB, as SimA, go to 'Mean' and hit 'Rape,' the button is greyed out and says above it: "Rape.Interaction.NoTooltipFound" (or something like that).

I have several different animations that should work with that interaction. I also have the proper settings enabled in 'Global Settings.' 


Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated ^ ^ 

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Hello everyone

In conversations and sleeps, I have stuff like
" dialogs/situations/mailcarrier:announce "


or in case of the sleep:


" Entersleeping.InteractionFeedback:Raped_Neutral dream"

All dialogs are similar. 


I tried fresh installing Sims 3 and Oniki's mod, but it appeared completely same :/ even on a completely new world.  (Yes I did delete documents / ea / sims 3) 

Using 1.67 version. And not many mods but the recommended mods and animations

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