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3 hours ago, NaamForst said:

I'm trying to find texture overlays such as makeup, mascara, eyeliner, tattoos, or scars for races in oblivion. 

anybody know where I might find textures like that?

Theres is no such thing as "overlays" in Oblivion. Everything goes into the base texture for the race/character. This mod has a photoshop resources with eyeliner, makeup and some facial tattoos for Head06: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/20166

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that was what I meant, a while ago I had found a few tattoo textures that didn't have backgrounds that were set up to be merged onto skin (footfemale) textures using photoshop. I wanted to know if there was anything else like that other than the two textures that I had found.

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