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Just marvelous... and beautiful...

you're a real dreamer, man.


just a small suggestion.


Killmoves, as you know, can be activated only for a short of period.

In that short time, doing sex is not ideal to realize... i mean... reality?

So here's what i'm thinking.

first knock her on the head with his weapon and make her kneel.

She starts begging for her life but he mercilessly... and your choice.. hehehe..

implaling her vagina with his small dagger(oops.. that'll hurt much) would do perhaps?


I hope this idea would help you somehow.

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So many possibilities and ideas. Lol I myself am into necrophilia, guro, ryona etc...so yes I will continue with this. I'm just scared bc I am a smoker and drink tons of caffeine and have been having chest pains for a few months so I have to set time aside to go to the VA hospital and get it checked out bc I haven't been taking care of myself. But yes I will try and create as many as possible. Stay brutal


Oh man, yes get this checked. Last year i found out it's possible to cough so hard that your rib breaks, wasn't nice :o Didn't last months, but definitly hurt bad^^

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Skyrim would be a dry and much less...interesting place without u FunnyBiz! Take care of yourself so i can continue to shamelessly exploit your hard work for my personal pleasure :D

You're the best!!

This mod idea is INTENSELY interesting btw

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"or as it just poped into my head.. if its a female female action you could force the female (hand on the back of her head) to forcible lick you, THEN after awhile you push/hold her head into your pussy smothering her to death!"






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Hey everyone I'm sorry I have been busy helping my in-laws move to their new house. I am SO HAPPY everyone is looking forward to this I am too! Lol I am still working on this as well as many other projects. Again thank you all!! Sorry I can't respond to each one but that doesn't mean I don't luvvv youz guyzzz! Stay brutal!! ^_^ \m/

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you do commission work right? then i would love the gal to fist fuck the male to death..so poor mia can get her revenge against all the guys in skyrim who keep raping her..so stay brutal my friend :heart:  :shy:  

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Damn, I was wondering if we were going to get some "Bad End" or guro type stuff, but I knew if we did it'd be coming from you, Fb ;)


Speaking of which, have you done any or are planning to do any with like... dagger against throat, or maybe have a leash/belt around her throat choking while fucking?  You could do a "asphyxiate" thing where the outcome is death, or a non-death outcome (for those of us using Death Alternative and such!)


Sorry if you've done any of these already, you have so many animations and I haven't gotten to see all of them yet!

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what an amazing convenience,
I've been playing as a character that uses nothing but hand to hand attacks and is naked 24/7
i wanted to try something like a xenomorph after playing one of the games and it turned dark pretty fast...but it works!

suppose for the female you could do some sort of facesit until the target runs out of air?
or death by boobs!
just grabs the target with both hands and presses their face against your boobs watch them struggling..........alright this is getting dark........... 

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Ok so I am making some kill move animations and I just wanted to share what I have so far. It's kind of like a hand to hand kill move where you suffocate the NPC with your...wiener...yeah lol  I'm working on MANY projects so I don't know when they will all be done. Stay brutal!




if I She would, then would I Him the COCK bite off.

Why always only violence against women ?!

why not animation where a sweetness after the sex act, the guy with a sharp sword the cock and testicles *cuts off!

but please with audio reproduction, one must the squeak LISTEN! (pain scream)  ;)  :P  :lol:

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I likes it! Likes it a lot.


maybe more flailing... lots of flailing... legs too... maybe pinch the air off at the nose... a good clout or two up side the head... maybe a death spasm (or a quick snap of the neck as it can't really be a drawn out suffocation, or can it?) then a complete sagging of the corpse... ragdoll effect?


As I said, likes it!

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Any news on this? (0:


I am so sorry I didn't see this post sooner. :( Good news is thanks to my buddy and fellow animator Proxy, I have many ideas on how to get the animations in game...hehehehehe...let the mutilations begin! So I'm still working on them. Give me time and I will deliver  :lol: 

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