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2 hours ago, Thingolf said:

I start in the abandoned prison and have some different "live another life" mods, but I dont have the Maria quickstart mod.


if you found a save and are  getting as far as the abandon prison you 'should' be able to start a game (50/50). if still crashing, disable the live another live mods and install mariaquickstart (it's in the 2.1.7 package) and you should start in an alternative start cell and allow you to load game. 

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10 hours ago, zaira said:

I would recommend to read the mod description before asking questions

I did read it, and as far as I understood it WAS a standalone mod at some point, but then mod creator abandoned it in favour or other mods with bondage features. I do have Zap (I think version 8 instead of 7, but, might that the reason it crashes?).

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BDSMMechanics was never intended to be a solo mod. It was an abstraction layer to allow creating nice locations without MEP dependency. The cell author @nameless701 does not maintain his locations for Skyrim SE and there will be no new locations , neither from him nor from anyone else.

Therefore i am now concentrating on using the vanilla locations with light modifications.

BDSMMechnics will be merged into MEP in near future. 

Use a mod manager like vortex which tells you what you are missing and move the MEP mods to the bottom of your load list

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42 minutes ago, zaira said:

nice, which city?


keine Stadt,das ist "House of Burden" überarbeitet (ME Training&Auction)

die Bieter sind auf 2 Etagen verteilt


SE ist leider tabu,die wollen zu viele persönliche Daten haben

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2 hours ago, nameless701 said:

die wollen Namen,Alter,Wohnort etc ... das geht gar nicht


Fuck Windelweich (Microsoft)


wo und wie? über steam?! 
und wenn, dann halt einfach falsche angaben machen?! 

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Ich kriege da so langsam ne Ahnung warum.

Die SE und auch FO4 fragen doch am anfang nach einem Bethesda Account wegen Mods / Creation Club.

Das konnte man früher aber auch überspringen, kenne zumindest niemanden der das Mods menü in der SE freiwillig nutzt ?


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You don't have to tell the truth if creating a Bethesda account, just create an additional email account if you're worried about being spammed. 


I wasn't aware you needed a bethesda account for modding for this particular site? - It's separate isn't it?



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Posted (edited)

CK 64 is available from Bethesda only - but you don't need a MS account for Bethesda - I was also not asked for personal data, I tried it some minutes ago.

But if you want to get SSE from MS (Gamepass) instead of Steam you end up with a non-modifiable version (no SKSE) of the game: https://www.pcgamer.com/the-version-of-skyrim-on-game-pass-is-moddablewith-limits/

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Posted (edited)

Status update:

  • sex in public - it is notified by NPCs now, some are simply watching, some are insulting, kids are running away - some of them are calling a guard, some females are calling a guard, some guards demands free sex for ignoring the crime, some are demanding money, others arrest you
  • town pimps - if you earn too much money you will get their attention and they demanding a high cut. You can try to escape. A town pimp never leave his town. You can leave the town before you get their attention and after a while the rate of money you can earn is reset. But once a town pimp had become you town pimp he will probably call a head hunter if you leave the town without paying the cut. If you are very successful he might decide to take you over completely (become your personal pimp) or catch and sell you to a brothel.
  • head hunting - if you try to escape from a pimp or for other several crimes a head hunter is now called. He might kill you or send you to slave auction

I will likely release it soon although the vampire quest line is unfinished - but the new features are very important for a dense and immersive gaming experience.

Edited by zaira
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Regarding the new locations - I might do the conversion - when ZAP 9 is released and I am finished with the vampire quest line.


I spent more efforts into the auction to make it immersive and the current Slave Trainer quest line has far more content than the old one. Especially I do no longer spawn guests and customers but use the citizens instead. Therefore it is now really relevant in which city the auction/training hall is located. With the AI changes this has a severe impact on gameplay because now the citizens remember that they saw you in auction and training and reacts on you.

The Simple Slavery auction is far to limited for my taste, that's the reason why I decided to catch the Simple Slavery events if Simple Slavery is not installed - so you can be forced into MEP gameplay by other MODs.

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I just had to double check this was the LE thread zaira is posting in. So you are really gonna update this LE mod? Sounds great but for spawning guests and customers I think you should keep it in there but draw it from base level generic npcs instead of copying unique npcs like how the game generates replacement bandits and soldiers etc over time. You could make your own base level generic npc lists or just let the game handle it. 

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No, I update the SSE version only and there is no way to port it down to LE - sorry for confusion. One main reason for so much failing scenes and quests was the overload of the engine which is much stronger in SSE

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Okay, can someone help me, I decided to test out the becoming a slave part (This also applies to prostitution done using maria eden), but I have no idea what you're meant to do when your owner or whoever your with does this? Their mouth moves too but they say nothing, what am I meant to do here? I've tried almost every pose.


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1 hour ago, zaira said:

Or kneeling if you try to talk with your master

Thanks for the help.

One more question, I keep getting stuck on the Riften Brothel when trying to work there, I get past the first bit fine of stripping and the oiling, but then when she goes upstairs and says my clothes are there and I should put them on, I have no idea what to do, she doesn't seem to give me any clothes and I've tried some combinations of what's in the two wardrobes and that seems to do nothing. What am I missing?

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