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Tali Redmint

Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

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2 hours ago, HerculesCow33 said:

Hey, i know you :D and which animated pussy mod is this?


Do You know me? - Where from?


The pussy is originally from the first mesh from StevieRage. But that was integrated into UUNP and Bodyslide.

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2 hours ago, HerculesCow33 said:

what is this tongue mod? 

Im surprised there's no tongue mod link on LL or anywhere, i forgot what the tongue mod name is, but the name on the mod manager esp is Tongueswcript

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7 hours ago, Liteflitz said:

This is awesome, how do you pull such a thing, the skin is there a mod for that? 

it's just khajiit and human textures mixed and used in a human race, it doesn't contain in any mod. I mixed with GIMP2.

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