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Tali Redmint

Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

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On 11/21/2016 at 12:27 AM, Tombstone said:

An interestingly vile species of Daedra, the Lurker. They are known to engulf their victims in their strong tentacles rendering them helpless. Their sheer size and strength is enough to make them extremely dangerous. If one is clutched by such a monstrosity, their natural ability to pump their victims with a deadly poison leads to an inevitable and writhing demise. Once restrained, the fate of the victim is sealed as it is virtually inescapable...


post-125464-0-74990400-1479679689_thumb.jpg  post-125464-0-79832400-1479679709_thumb.jpg


post-125464-0-42272600-1479679733_thumb.jpg  post-125464-0-69387200-1479679792_thumb.jpg


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