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Tali Redmint

Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

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Testing expression (mouth opening) for BJscene, maybe i'll add a video or GIF





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4 hours ago, Aslan. said:

Testing expression (mouth opening) for BJscene, maybe i'll add a video or GIF


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Looking good dude, but what are those cum textures you're using there?

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19 hours ago, thegrimreaper2 said:

Looking good dude, but what are those cum textures you're using there?

Thanks! It is part of this fantastic mod

It's a 3D model that you equip like an armor piece

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8 hours ago, maxman885 said:

so its an smp object that opens the vag manually?

You just equip it like any armor/cloth and it opens automatic when it comes into contact with the dick

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On 9/8/2017 at 1:42 PM, MrHuxley said:

Part 1 is here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/56510-post-your-sex-screenshots-pt-2/?p=2001519 

Stumpy's Bath Time Part II

Contains bestiality




“That was….really nice” Vela said to herself as she let the water run down her chest. She still couldn’t believe what she had just done. It was a rush just to think about it, her hidden fantasy realized in the safety and seclusion of her apartment.

God, I could do this every day…”

Vela blushed again and looked over at Stumpy who was sitting near her, still looking expectantly.

“D’aww you’re such a sweetie aren’t you?” Vela said as she kneeled against the shower wall. “C’mere!”

Stumpy immediately came over, wagging his tail excitedly as he began to lick her face. As Vela rubbed behind his ears, she felt a tickle on her breast. “Hey, silly!”


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Vela watched her breasts bounce up and down as Stumpy playfully licked them. The feeling of his warm tongue on her soft skin made her shiver. “That feels delightful boy.”

As she started to warm up again, Stumpy could sense her arousal and lowered his head to investigate a far more powerful pheromone emanating from her body.


Stumpy suddenly began to intently lick between Vela’s legs, his tongue quickly flicking up and down as he lapped her up.


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“Oh god….that feels…..so good” Vela gently cooed as she placed her hand on his head to guide him. Vela reclined under the shower water and let her mind wander as waves of pleasure washed over her. Eventually, her mind wandered into the one place she knew it shouldn’t, but desperately wanted to. 

“I want him to knot me.”


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Saying it sounded both dirty and thrilling. She didn’t even know if they could but she wanted to try. Would Stumpy know how to? Carefully, Vela began to roll over onto her hands and knees when suddenly


“…H-hey what are you doing??"


In a flash, Stumpy was on her, catching her on her side and excitedly thrusting between her cheeks. “Hey wait Stumpy you silly boy! That’s the wrong spot!!!” she protested. She managed to push him off for a moment. “Well, that answers THAT question….hee hee. Let’s try it properly.”


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Vela got on her hands and knees and submissively lowered herself in front of her dog.

Come on boy, tonight I want you to knot your master.”  Stumpy came over and began to lick in-between her legs again, driven by the powerful scent of a female in heat. Vela laughed as his warm and wet tongue tickled her. “That’s it, take as much time as you’d like.”


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After a few moments, Vela felt a sudden heave and shift of weight as she was pressed under Stumpy’s weight. “Oh my god….he’s on me….I’m going to do it….I’m going to mate with my dog!”

Stumpy floundered for a few moments, seemingly unsure of what to do next.

Vela giggled. “Do you need a little help boy?  I know you want to, so let me help.”

Using her finger tips, she gently guided his shaft up against her. It was smooth, warm and rock hard.


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As Stumpy felt her warmth pressing against him, he began to instinctively thrust and with one smooth motion…




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He was inside of her.


Vela’s head spun.



Stumpy instinctively clasped his front paws around Vela’s soft thighs and began to thrust quickly, panting and grunting with every heave, making sure to put as much weight on her so that she couldn’t get up.

Vela was dizzy at the feeling of being completely dominated by this animal, each pump of his body sending her into an orgasmic high from which she never wanted to come down from. She moaned with delight as surge after surge of pleasure permeated her body. She urged Stumpy to go faster begging him not to relent. 


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“G-g-gah….that’s it boy, don’t let up!”

Their joined bodies rocked back and forth in complete unison. Passion coursed through her as she felt him sliding in and out.  Delirious with pleasure, she cried as loud as she could to Stumpy “Knot me boy, come inside me!"


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Suddenly Stumpy heaved forward and threw all of his weight on Vela as she felt the massive pressure from his knot lock inside of her.

“God yes!!”

Gobs of hot dog sperm flooded her insides and splattered on her back as she collapsed under his weight onto the wet tile flooring. Stumpy towered over Vela for a few more minutes, refusing to let her up and ensuring that he had fully coupled with her. Vela laid beneath him, limp and submissive as she let her mate finish.


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After a few minutes, Vela laid next to him on the floor, the tiles cool on her warm, flustered body.



 “Mmmm…you did it….you bred me good, boy”


Vela let fatigue wash over her, and drifted into the best sleep she had in years. 



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another GREAT story, my god, I absolutely love the way this guy writes his or her stories :'3

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On 7/27/2020 at 6:56 AM, Aslan. said:

Testing expression (mouth opening) for BJscene, maybe i'll add a video or GIF


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hey bro, how did you manage to do this? is it with the sexlab expression MFG sliders? :O

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22 hours ago, Speed Metal said:
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Hehe. these guys look like a hipster couple at a cosplay event

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Storytime ;'3

Moira short on gold 😳



"I need to buy me some powerfull spells, a house, some armor, but I don't have any spare gold." 

"I've heard innkeepers are offering well paid work, so I'll check that out" said Moira, before asking for some work at the Bannered Mare.


"Well, prostitution sounds kinda' easy and straightforward, not the most self respectful way to earn me some gold, but I don't have time, nor the opportunity to choose another line of work, besides, what can go wrong?"


She had many clients that night, because, well, who wouldn't want to have a piece of her, a chance to fuck a beautiful young woman.





"Almost done, I've collected enough gold for tonight" she said


One guy, Barimas, had too many drinks and saw that Moira was leading other men to a room, then he saw Moira recieved their gold as payment as they left the Inn with a smile on their faces.

Barimas had a thought... "What a wonderful opportunity, a beautiful, skinny, fit and used by a lot of men whore, in the same building as me"

He waited a few minutes until Moira was alone, she entered a room and closed the door so she could dress up and leave, she was done. 


He opened the door, and immediately closed it behind him, Moira, surprised, told him "Sorry, I am done for today"

Barimas said... "No, you are not"

He grabbed her by force, undressed her and started to grope her as he said "You surely have time for one more client, but a free of charge one, you whore"... "How many men have fucked your holes tonight?" "You are about to be fucked by one more you slut."




Moira couldn't do anything, she was tired of getting rammed all night, she just had to accept her fate and let Barimas rape her.


Of course Barimas didn't pay her, he just left, with the biggest smile of all.

It was a bad night for Moira, but, she had enough gold for a new armor.

Although, her vagina was too sore for her to fully dress up.


The end. (I have many spare screens and I am trying to adapt them to a story, but I'll probably make a ss dump next time, we'll see) ❤️ 


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3 hours ago, IwantzModz said:

hey bro, how did you manage to do this? is it with the sexlab expression MFG sliders? :O


in part, yes.

I've edited the expression's sliders in sexlab ( like "big Aah" and others) to make the mouth more wide open to better fit the riekling's schlong, then in racemenu i've edited a slider (i don't remember wich one tho'...) that change the "swelling" of the throat/ under chin.

This way i can make the mouth fit every (almost) schlongs, while having the "deep throat" effect (swollen throat) :)

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