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Tali Redmint

Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

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3 hours ago, kottadragon said:

Who could it be now?

you mean my OC? 
Her name is Otylia Antan, you can check out more of her story on my blog

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On 5/30/2020 at 10:01 PM, XOB said:

Your game looks so good, what ENB do you use for your videos/photos, if you're willing to share?

I use Rudy ENB with obsidian weathers

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Use of spoiler sections to wrap multi-image posts would be appreciated.

There have been a few posts not doing that recently.

There are plenty of examples posting nicely. It's much easier to review each page of posts when they are all like that.

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Gronor: "It went according to plan my Mistress."

Aesgir: "We told the Jarl we killed Movarth and that you met the end of our swords."

Alva: "Good work boys. Well...that last part isn't a lie now is it?"

Elder Scrolls V  Skyrim Screenshot 2020.06.02 -


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1 hour ago, Kaneo said:




Damn good stuff! Mind i ask what outfit is this? Thank you!👍

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