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post your sexy screens here!

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Not that much changed since the last time I uploaded some screens, which was... July 2020.

 Also was troubleshooting about random CTDs (after a suspicious lag) since I doubled my ram memory to 32 GB. Not solved it yet.

 Reworked the eyes texture into something goat/demon like...but brighter in color.


 Got myself a new ENB+ENB Preset + NAC X.

 Until recently I didn't know that Vortex can change some plugins into light plugins(frees up plugin limit).

 So I haven't really looked at new clothes.

 I tried the 3BBB body but it seems to require to have around 60 FPS, otherwise you see your (characters) nipples go up and down. Nvidia 1080 Ti is not strong enough for that.

 Was wondering about making settlements more comfy.


I reworked the old Face so she can use most of the piercings out there.

Need to make it a bit more smooth.

*Push the button**flirty*(looks a little bit like she is applying for a job)




First  my old favorite "armor": Vault Tek Slave Suit

Unfortunately not high resolution like Vtaw.



Mostly Vtaw Utility Pack



Just HN66s EasyGirl Outfits .

Skirts, Pants,... have a very... low cut, which is useful when your Characters belly becomes large, due weight gain or pregnancy,... .

Unfortunately not high resolution like Vtaw



This is how she is usually running around.



I had planned on working some of the features of the body textures from VenomSnake122 into my skin textures, but I wasn't really in the mood for fiddling with photoshop.

Forgot how to transform diffuse textures into normal maps or specular maps(--> have to watch long tutorials again).

Maybe later I sprinkle some imperfections on her.  


If you have tips, ideas, questions... tell me.



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Cait suffered so much at the hands of raiders. She was forced to breed strongest raider fighters to give birth to superior babies. She was liberated by the Sole Survivor and now serves as his personal slut.


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