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58 minutes ago, CrocWearingCrocs said:

-Part 2 Of The Last Post-

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I'm new to animations like these so I haven't gotten the idea of how to make them look half-decent. But here are some early attempts that I thought looked ok to me.


You probably wanna mute these since I had a pip-boy radio station on.




I love the lighting, the character, the poses... Well done. Looks awesome as always, but I notice youre using a ghoul replacer...

Do they still have their dangly bits with this replacer?

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4 hours ago, geraldofrivia said:

Just wow, any release date for that?

Meant to have it done a while ago but I was waiting for a couple other asset use permissions which never came through, so had to find workarounds.

The textures themselves are mostly finished. I'm just trying to finalize what options are going to be cut and which will make it into the installer files, since files would be way too large if I left everything in. Once that's done it'll take a week or so to put installers together, take new set of screenshots for mod page, etc.


So 2-4 weeks is my guess. Just not a guarantee :P

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