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post your sexy screens here!

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Basically just some test shots for the new Brothel layout.  I think I'm moving the slaves outside and giving the working girls a place of their own.  No settlers at all yet and only the bar is in a semi-finished state.  I'll work on the lighting when I get some people assigned.







Looks like I'm at my upload limit, though, and I've tried three different file hosting sites and none of them work here.

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THAT'S RUDE.  They're just kidding, though.  Haha.  I think.  Probably.  Maybe.

... I'm actually kind of worried.


It's about 80% finished.  Just going through the applications for employment now.  


Sorry, Pup3t.  Don't give me that look.  You've still got a long night ahead of you.


The slave rental pens are now in front of the cafe.  The premise is simple.  Pay your 5 caps and you can play with your slave of choice for 30 minutes.  You can go vanilla, you can bring your friends, or you can strap them to the rack and try out the toys.  However, you can't leave the platform.  The idea is that you're also putting on a show for the spectators at the cafe.  That's why it's cheap.  


The Club bar is fully stocked and so are the dancers.



Hence the Club motto--






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