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post your sexy screens here!

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Looks great!

Any chance to share this mod soon?

Thanks ahead!

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Is that your own personal Vault meat, would it be possible to get the preset and save file for this character?





Can you share your Bodyslide preset? looks great!  Thank you





I'm interested as well in the preset, the boobs came out great!


Bump, I am interested as well!

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I'm still having a hard time to find something sexy but not too skimpy/revealing with a good bodyslide conversion. So far the best I found is the Black Widow outfit conversion by 2pac4eva7. I hope one day, I'll see Ulysses' Duster or something similar ^^


The outfit is so much better than the vanilla ones in bodyslide, way more polygons on the breasts part and butt so it looks a lot less "square".

Also, for once good job Bethesda, I can make a black character with a beautiful skin color AND a beautiful face?! No need for mods now except for body meshes and retextures imo :)









Even after thousands of hours on Skyrim, I never bothered with CBBE and Bodyslide, other bodies were better imo. But in FO4? Damn, it's amazing you can do whatever you want :o









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