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PyPipboyApp - Unofficial Fallout 4 Pipboy Companion Application

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Having a little problem with the key bindings part. During play they sometimes stop working then kick back in later. Might be something to do with reloading a save but am uncertain.


I have to admit that I actually don't know much about the hotkey widget. I didn't program it myself but it was made by akamal. In the new version there are a lot of improvements for the hotkey widget, so maybe your problem is already solved. Otherwise you need to ask akamal for help on the nexus.

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this is fucking cool dude. my only suggestion is to make the UI bigger for touch screens. here it is on my surface tablet while playing on pc on tv.


Thx. As soon as I am out of alpha, I plan to play a bit with qt style sheets and see if I can make a touch friendly style.

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I have a weird issue all the sudden. 


Earlier today I played for a couple hours using this app and it had no issues.  Now it will only stay connected for a few seconds up to a few minutes before it gives a connection error and disconnects.  When it is connected it does work, I see my character moving on the map, etc. 


I'm playing the game on one PC and the app is running on my Surface.  No other changes to the game or the app since it was working.


Any ideas?

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