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Whiterun Morgue - a necRomancer vault

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At Whiterun's Hall of the Dead Catacomb, there will be an extension to a huge morgue full of coffins and altars. At the end of the morgue is a bedroom with fireplace. This room is intended for characters who collect their victims as trophies that are saved.


Recommended Mod:
Corpse Collector
Sleeping Necrophilia/ Sleep Assault


Drop the esp into the Data folder or use a mod manager.


Recommend remove valuable before uninstall or they get deleted
Simply remove esp file (safe to uninstall)


Design & Idea:
After fiddling with CK all day, I decided to make a morgue/corpse-vault to Skyrim as there are none existed. I also placed several beds for dark deeds. The morgue was designed to have three layers representing different value of trophy. Top layer for common folks or insignificant npcs. Mid layer for notable npcs and noble npcs. Bottom layer for high-valued npcs. In the back of the morgue, there is a fancy bedroom for VIP-trophies. This is not a player home and I intended that way. I want to keep the atmosphere dark and realistic


Improve interior design
Better lighting?
note: All my interior design skills are accumulated from playing sims, PLEASE MAKE SUGGESTIONS and I will improve them

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So...are there any mods that actually allow you to "store" bodies in these coffins or is it just for flavour?


Basically you use a mod like corpse collector I linked above then drop the body in the coffins. The mod makes the corpse you picked up permanent once dropped. 

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