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Ark: Survival Evolved - Modding

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Just wondering if anybody else is doing any modding for Ark: Survival Evolved?


I play it as a single player survival game and have been messing around a bit with the editor recently. You can do quite a lot with it, even considering that the game is in early access and there is very little modding documentation and a lot of the features are not yet fully exposed at the moment.


What I have right now is a WiP of a mod that allows female player to get pregnant (NO animations) from certain dinos and produce a fertilized dino egg in the players inventory after a certain amount of time. In other words, it eliminates the need of having two tamed dinos of the opposite sex for breeding baby dinos and gives another way to earn XP both for the player and the target dino.


Would be nice to add some buffs during/post pregnancy as well, but have not been able to figure out a way of how to do it in the editor yet.


Anyone else in here doing some adult related modding for Ark or plans to?


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Well I'm trying to merge the Au Naturale mod with the Bush People mod to get a bunch of nude tribals running around. A couple animation mods would be nice too.


Should not be too difficult. I haven't tried the "Bush People" mod, but I have disabled the default underwear on player characters in my game.


It is basically an "attachment" defined in PlayerPawnTest blueprint (2 in PlayerPawnTest_Female and 1 in PlayerPawnTest_Male). So the first step is to remove those. Then you have to either disable or set to default clothing masks (Human_Female_Body_Colorized_BASEMIC / Human_Female_Body_Colorized_BASEMIC) for shirt and/or pants. These textures are referenced from Human_Male_TPV_Skeleton / Human_Female_TPV_Skeleton, so you have to also override these two. You can also make custom textures to add nipples and stuff.


This will make the player actors spawn naked instead of wearing undergarments. The difficulty, however, is that clothing items set the clothing masks back on when unequipping. For example, if you put cloth shirt on and off - you character will have invisible parts in the mesh because of those masks.


You can, of course, override every shirt/pants clothing item in the game to avoid this. Alternatively, you can have just one specific clothing set with the proper masks and use it to "fix" the invisible parts on the mesh when you want your character to be naked.


In theory you could also "fix" default clothing using blueprint scripting, but I doubt that all of the necessary objects are exposed for modding at the moment.

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I was wondering the same thing with kind of merging Bush people and au naturale mod.  Otherwise, when running Au Naturale and the Bush people the Bush people spawn missing the bottom half of their boobs and the sexy bits of their torso.


So, I went and changed the basic files in default from the post on here in another thread:

"Go to e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\PrimalEarth\Human\Female\Outfits\Underwear and remove or rename femaleUnderwear_Bra and femaleUnderwear_Panty. Also remove or rename folder "materials"and in the texture folder remove or rename the 2 human_female... files and your charcter is naked to the bone. They should be all .uasset files.


Now the bush people all spawn without underwear but no nipples, etc.  Ideally all I want to do is swap out the nude files that are in place from au naturale that replaced the underwear into the basic/default folders so when the bush people spawn they are more anatomically correct since they'd be replaced with ones from the au naturale mod? 

Does anyone know what those specific files are called? 


Any help is appreciated.


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Seems like if you want to export the image files from the Uasset files - then do it via right clicking and choosing EXPORT - then editing them - or replacing them or w/e - and reimport them into the other thing as its defaults?


Sounds like a bit of clicking and faffing, but doable. assuming you have all the files. Which it sounds like you do. And the ARK modding software, which it additionally sounds like you might have. Hope it helps.

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So far the adult mods for the games are :
- Au Naturale : Steam Workshop :: Au Naturale
- Au Naturale 2.0 : Remoded but backed up here by PufferFish.
- Naturalism : Steam Workshop :: Naturalism
- Birthday Suit : (Not a real adult mod, it just enables invisible armor and works with nude mods) : Steam Workshop :: Birthday Suit

What else? I didn't notice any other adult mods. Are there any bust slider mod, buttock slider mod, lingerie mod, sex mod, pubic hair mod?

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