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FUTA CONTENT THREAD - Futa News and More (1/26/17 Update)

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I had still some vacation days left and time for an other small peeing/squirting enhancement for my "Dancing Penis" mod 🙂

For the "non Combat Arousal" function you now can define an arousal level at which female NPCs or your PC should start peeing or squirting...


... see the new version V2.8:


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Hello guys, I've reinstalled Skyrim LE again and when I came here to grab some mods, i find that they are not available anymore! I'm talking about EvilReFlex's futa addons for LE. I liked the High Poly Futanari Addon because it had a no balls sliders.

Does someone know of any other addon that has a no balls option? 

Have a nice day! 

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On 7/6/2020 at 6:36 PM, Cobraofficer11 said:

there's a bikini set on here, but nothing else i know of. it's a few pages back, but it comes with a special schlong for it, and it is bulge included.

Sorry to be dense, but can you point it out for me? I went back about ten pages and didn't find it, unless you're talking about The Amazing World of Bikini Armor, which doesn't have the futa bulge/stretch I was after.

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I may be missing an obvious link, but is there something to enable futas for CBBE bodies? I've been downloading a lot of mods to play Skyrim for the first time in nearly a decade. I saw a link for a UNP futa set, as well as "PhygnosDefault FinalTest", but the first wouldn't match my skin tone and the second causes the game to crash on startup.


Preferably it'd be one that is default soft but goes erect for the sex scenes. Non-human is fine too.

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10 hours ago, uXxZeroxXu said:

Awesome, Hey also what horse cock mod do you use.

Thank you!

I use EvilReFlex's "Horse Penis Redux" (i use the version with no balls). I use in-game body sliders to make it slim and long:

I really love that thing 🙂

... and i use my CBPC settings for the physics of the penis because i like to see it moving a lot :-):


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