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FUTA CONTENT THREAD - Futa News and More (1/26/17 Update)

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4 hours ago, CFalkreath said:

Hi, long time lurker here... was wondering if anyone was aware of any futa statues mod? I really like what Edhildil did with some of the in-game statues and was hoping to add a little something... extra to them.

none that i know of. would be nice to have one of my dragonborn. until someone does one, i dont think there will be one. besides which who's going to make a stone effect.

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2 hours ago, Cobraofficer11 said:

none that i know of. would be nice to have one of my dragonborn. until someone does one, i dont think there will be one. besides which who's going to make a stone effect.



Kinda' figured as much but thought I'd ask.

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Here is 3 Small Scene with futa on female, the first 2 scene is with a char from a friend and a random futa that i made for the 2 first scenes, the last i made today the futa is Meg a blue skin old follower that I made back in 2018 and the female i made her today too, the last scene more futuristic and more dressed with  just a handjob and blowjob.

If you watch i hope enjoy :)

Scene 1




Scene 2



Scene 3





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14 hours ago, Nothingof8 said:

I use Leyenda skin, you can choose muscle definition when installing that.


But theres plenty of other mods to get muscles on your character like this one

of course, but i didn't like that one. i use texblended normals, from an old mod that works surprisingly well still. just wish it had more arm and leg muscle options.

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4 minutes ago, fruzzel said:

Gcfgw.pngCan anyone help memy character seems like this. This is my first post and i am doing this first time.

I'm pretty sure you have a skeleton issue, that's why the penis is misaligned. Also, you may have a lighting or texture issue, because of the color difference between the head and rest of the body. I've seen that happen with facelight sometimes, but it could just be you need to fix some overwrites. You should probably take this to a support thread or something idk, but it would help if you drop your modlist somewhere so people could know what's up.

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