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Bad Dog

Bad Dog's Hoodie Schlongs: Khajiit, Argonians, Human/Elf

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Sorry for any misunderstanding. All schlongs are visible during and outside sex, with the sole exception of the Spikey schlong, which is invisible at all times.


I found a solution to my other problem, the one where the schlong meshes wouldn't update based on arousal. There is a setting in SLA, something along the lines of "Require Naked Actors to Change Arousal", which was enabled. Disabling this made the unsheathing schlongs work.

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Jeez. Well, I found a problem in the scripts, where just checking for the schlong spell wasn't good enough. Have to check for the ME too. 


Also, the spikey schlong meshes are missing from the kit. 


Here's a quick replacement which should fix both problems.


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might be here already but i couldnt find it:  when using this mod and BDOrcV3.02 with MO2 - which should be loaded last?  they currently share some .xml files

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I've played with a few different variants of the argonian schlong. The original was a very plain tentacle-like thing. Then someone said, howabout this and so I did one with spikes along its length. Then MMG made a better one with bulbs at the base and a defined head. So it's just an additional shape, should you care.

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Since I installed the 9.5 update, all of my schlongs slowly loose their erection/tilt state--they slowly sink/fall until they are pointing straight down at the actor's feet. The deflation happens from arousal and during sex animations. If I use the manual tilt control hot keys, they will snap to the new state and slowly sink again. If I press "N" to check arousal state (and it's high) they will snap partial/fully erect as appropriate and then slowly sink back down. I also installed the ungulate update at around the same time, so it could of been that too. I don't think I installed much else around that time. I tried restarting SOS and it didn't help. I'm not sure what else to try, but I don't know much about Skyrim mod debugging.

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Why isn't SLA listed as a hard requirement?

Sos + wet schlongs...perfect

Sos + leitos add ons... perfect

Sos + this.... no effect. 

So I need sexlab framework and aroused just for this to work like the previous mentioned  add ons, correct?

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